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Victor CNC support new start up Midlands Components
Victor CNC support new start up Midlands Components
Victor CNC support new start up Midlands Components

Victor CNC support new start up Midlands Components

Added to MTDCNC by Victor CNC Ltd on 23 April 2014

In February 2014, Midland Components opened its doors for business. This CNC high precision components company was started by two life long engineers, Dave Hayes and Robert Atkinson.

Opening their 10,000 sq ft facility on February 3rd was one of the most exciting days in both Dave and Bob's engineering life so far. Unusually, this new business started with a bang. No mention or sight of used machinery and equipment or limitations on floorspace for future expansion. In fact, quite the reverse. Midland Components less than 6 weeks in is equipped with two high performance CNC lathes, the latest software, four highly skilled staff and a growing order book.

So how did two entrepreneurs manage to hit the ground running in such a competitive manufacturing environment? Well, quite simply, they approached Victor CNC, a supplier of high precision CNC machinery. On first take it was evident to both Victor CNC and Midland Components that a flexible financing solution was in order for this newly founded business to take flight.

Finance For Industry were bought into the equation and within a few days, collectively, all parties put together a comprehensive agreement that would see the formation of Midland Components Ltd which was then supported by the Governments Regional Growth fund for creating new jobs in high-tech manufacturing.

Robert Aktinson tells his story:

'As an MD in manufacturing businesses for the past 20 years I had always wanted to start up my own company, knowing that with the right backing and the right team we could exploit the demands and needs of modern manufacturing by being an innovative high tech company' Dave's background within machining has always positioned him closely with machine tool suppliers. Being at the Helm in other businesses has given Dave a distinct advantage when looking to aquire machine tools.

'I've bought many CNC machine tools in my time and had many Sales Engineers telling me their machine is the best, the fastest and offffered with the ultimate in support. A salesman can sell me one machine but their success in reliability and service will sell me the second, third and so on. Victor CNC excelled in this area. Over the years I have invested in their machinery because the machines are heavy duty, delivering great surface finishes and accurate components. They're extrememly reliable, enabling me to trust what they produce and rely on them when ensuring their components will be delivered on time. And in the event there is an issue, Victor respond everytime' Dave concludes.

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