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Correa Xperta is the machine of choice at MNB
Correa Xperta is the machine of choice at MNB
Correa Xperta is the machine of choice at MNB

Correa Xperta is the machine of choice at MNB

Added to MTDCNC by DTS (UK) Ltd on 14 February 2015

Coventry based MNB Precision Ltd has just purchased a Correa Xperta 25 bed milling machine from DTS UK. Highlighting why the company has invested in new plant, MNB Managing Director, Mr Mark Benton says: 'Following our continued expansion over the last 3 to 5 years with increasing demand from the oil & gas, nuclear and power generation sectors, we have invested heavily in new plant and machinery.'

'The investment in new equipment will support our move to a new £1m facility that will increase our floor space from 24000sq/ft to over 30,000sq/ft, which will have dedicated turning and milling areas with overhead cranes for our large parts. The latest acquisition for us has been the Correa machine from DTS that will be the cornerstone of our milling department.'

Highlighting the reason behind the acquisition of the Correa machine, Mr Benton continues: ' We had a number of parts come in as trial parts and we tried them on a Correa and it managed to do everything we needed with ease. efficiency and speed. It fitted the bill perfectly. A lot of our work is large round parts that require milled features, so the 4th axis was also a necessity for us.'

The new Correa Xperta 25 has a UDG auto milling head and a ZF gearbox with two chip conveyors for rapid swarf evacuation, which is ideal for heavy duty high torque cutting applications. To support the removal of swarf from the work envelope, the XPerta 25 has through spindle coolant with 21 bar pressure. The machine also offers a tool carousel with 30 stations and a rapid arm change to speed up tool changeover times.
The robust Correa machine has a bed length of 2.5m and at MNB, this is optimised with the 4th axis rotary unit and a supporting steady for the machining of long shafts. To rapidly remove material from these large oil & gas components, the Xperta 25 has a BT50 spindle taper with a powerful high torque motor that offers a spindle speed up to 4000rpm. Furthermore, MNB has opted for a powerful Heidenhain control unit that provides numerous features that are beyond the standard control unit. From an accessibility standpoint, the Xperta 25 has large doors that open to provide outstanding access to the machine bed and the components. This also simplifies loading of large parts.

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