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Mouldmaker Creates Alliance With KAFO

Mouldmaker Creates Alliance With KAFO

Added to MTDCNC by TDT Machine Tools Ltd on 07 September 2017

Alliance Tooling Ltd in Leicester manufactures injection mould tools for a vast selection of industry sectors, so when it needed to enhance its machine tool portfolio the company was looking for a precise, reliable and productive machining centre. The solution arrived in the guise of a KAFO CV-11A from TDT Technologies.

The company undertakes the complete process from product and tool design through to manufacture, so whatever machine the company selected it had to hit the ground running in terms of performance. The KAFO CV-11A from TDT Technologies has certainly done that.

Darren Parsons, Managing Director at Alliance Tooling says: “We needed a new machining centre and when we investigated the market, TDT Technologies offered the best solution for our business with the KAFO machine. The machine is an all round good package with lots of technology such as through spindle coolant, a high level of precision, a powerful FANUC 0i-MF CNC control unit and great value for money.”

“The machine has now been in for a couple of months and it’s been very reliable. To be honest, it hasn’t stopped since it was installed. It’s our first KAFO machine and we wanted to give it a try. Now that we have, we’re really pleased with the results and we’ll be looking to install more of these machines in the near future. Despite being a relatively unknown brand that makes people somewhat reluctant, we initially felt the same but we’re delighted we bought the machine and the support has been exceptional, as has the overall performance and productivity.

The KAFO has an X, Y and Z axes of 1.1m by 600mm by 600mm respectively and robust 7 ton machine has a powerful 10,000rpm spindle with a direct drive spindle. The BT40 machine has 48m/min rapids with precision and stability assured by the 35mm roller linear guideways and ballscrew cooling system that is incorporated. For further flexibility, the KAFO is supplied as standard with a 24 tool cam type ATC.

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