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Newburgh Bridges Production Gap With KAFO

Newburgh Bridges Production Gap With KAFO

Added to MTDCNC by TDT Machine Tools Ltd on 07 September 2017

Just over a month ago Newburgh Precision invested in a colossus of a machine from TDT Technologies. The new KAFO KMC4140 was specified for machining a new job that was 3.2m square. As part of the Newburgh Group, the Rotherham based company has the capability and capacity to machine all types of components for a vast selection of industry sectors.

Explaining why the company opted for the KAFO machine, Managing Director at Newburgh Precision, Mr David Greenan says: “We took a look at the market and we identified a need for this size and type of machine, we looked at what was available; not only in the UK but all over the world. We narrowed it down to two machines and the KAFO came out on top mainly by the recommendations of its existing users.”

“What we needed was a strong reliable machine with a high level of support and these were key aspects that existing users reported to us. The machine has a BT50 indexing head with a 37kW spindle and it performs very well. It’s more rigid that we would have expected. Additionally, we can change the head on the machine, so we can use interchangeable heads or drive directly down the spindle. The machine also has a FANUC 31i CNC control unit and all of these factors enable us to conduct the precise machining of all our safety critical components.”

The double column machining centre is capable of machining 4.1m in the X axis. In the Y-axis between the columns the company has a capacity of 3.2m and almost 1.3m under the head of the machine. “The machine will be used to its full capacity and beyond. At present the machine is processing some fabricated parts for a nuclear customer. From a support perspective, despite the KAFO brand being relatively new in the UK, TDT Technologies convinced us that the machine would be fully supported and during the installation process things have gone extremely well. In fact, we are already looking at another KAFO machine with an even larger capacity for parts beyond the scope of this new addition.”

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