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Puma 3100Y investment is the latest in a long line of Doosan machines
Puma 3100Y investment is the latest in a long line of Doosan machines

Puma 3100Y investment is the latest in a long line of Doosan machines

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 18 June 2014

Puma 3100Y investment is the latest in a long line of Doosan machines purchased by Bindon Engineering.

Leading precision subcontract specialist – Bindon Engineering Co Ltd - based in Dorset, has recently invested in a new large, high-performance Doosan lathe supplied by Mills CNC.

The machine, a Puma 3100Y, was installed at the company’s facility in Poole in March 2014 and is being used to machine a range of complex, high-precision parts for an equally diverse range of industries and market segments that includes valves and actuators for the oil and gas sector, and specialist components used in hydraulic crimping machines.

The arrival of the new Puma takes the total number of Doosan machines installed at Bindon Engineering’s facility to 19, and the relationship between the company and Mills CNC began back in 2002 and has remained strong ever since.

Comments John Lawrence owner and co-founder of Bindon Engineering:

'I founded the company with business partner, John Rees, back in 1966.

'Although we were effectively a two-man band at that time operating from a shed with a couple of manual centre lathes - we made the decision that we were in it for the long-haul.

'We recognised that customer service was critical to our growth and success and focussed our efforts on providing customers with high-quality, competitively-priced machined parts...delivered on time...every time.

'To help us do this we knew that we would need to regularly invest in the latest manufacturing technologies (e.g. machine tools, inspection equipment etc.), and made sure that we created relationships with suppliers who understood our business and who shared our principles and values.

'Mills CNC was (and is) such a supplier.'

Bindon Engineering has grown significantly over the last 48 years.

The company today employs 70 staff and manufactures parts (in small to medium batches) for a wide range of customers.

These parts, machined from solid or castings, and from a variety of different materials, are milled and turned to exacting tolerances and surface finishes.

A significant number of these parts are clearly machined on the company’s impressive range of Doosan machines – a range that comprises lathes and turning centres and vertical and horizontal machining centres.

Says John Lawrence:

'We like Doosan technology and recognise that the machines represent good value. We’re also impressed with Mills’ level of service and support – and know that if we have a problem they’ll do everything they can to help us.'

The Puma 3100Y

The new 12' chuck/102mm bar diameter Puma 3100Y lathe is a high-productivity machine that provides Bindon Engineering with increased accuracies and repeatability’s, superior cutting performance and improved process reliability.

As well as its 830mm bed length and 420mm turning diameter the machine is equipped with a powerful, high-torque 30kW 3000rpm spindle designed for heavy-duty machining operations and the machine’s versatility and productivity is enhanced by its 5.5kW, 5000rpm driven tool and +/- 65mm Y-axis capabilities.

Concludes John Lawrence:

'The Puma 3100 is a large-capacity, rigidly-built lathe that gives us additional machining capacity and manufacturing flexibility.

The machine’s Y-axis functionality (effectively used for machining key-ways), and its live tooling means that parts can be machined to completion in fewer set-ups or without the need to transfer parts between machines.

'This means that we are more productive and are better able to meet customer lead times. It also enables us to schedule work much more efficiently and effectively.'

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