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Doosan Puma 700XLM, a 400LB and a Mynx 7500/50 installed at CMS Cepcor

Doosan Puma 700XLM, a 400LB and a Mynx 7500/50 installed at CMS Cepcor

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 28 March 2013

Leading precision engineering specialist – CMS Cepcor - has recently invested in two new Doosan large capacity lathes and one large vertical machining centre from Mills CNC.

The machines, a Puma 700XLM, a Puma 400LB and a Mynx 7500/50 were installed at the company’s new 30,000 square foot Technical Centre facility in Coalville (Leicestershire) in late 2012 and are being used to machine large, high-precision complex crusher spare and replacement parts for the global mining, quarrying, aggregates, demolition and re-cycling industries.

A majority of the replacement parts manufactured on the new Doosan machines are destined for export, and some 70% of CMS Cepcor’s turnover derives from its overseas business. (The growth of the company’s export business 2009 - 2012 is impressive and was recognised recently when CMS Cepcor received The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2012).

The business context: Crushing equipment

Crushers are essentially processing machines designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks. In quarries they are used to produce graded aggregates, whereas in mining they are used to crush the ore into more manageable sizes before grinding.

Crushers are expensive...are usually located on-site - in or adjacent to mines and quarries etc., - and are critical pieces of equipment in the process operations where they are used.
However, by the very nature of the crushing process (e.g. high pressures and severe forces; abrasive materials etc.), the machines can consume a considerable amount of internal parts which have to be replaced regularly. Failure to replace worn out parts in good time can result in breakdowns and equipment downtime.

Comments Chris Sydenham, CMS Cepcor’s Technical Director:

'Crushers are high-value pieces of capital equipment and, as a consequence, require high-quality and reliable replacement parts.

'Not many of the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) provide a good service in the after-market when it comes to supplying replacement parts for their equipment, many of them charge exorbitant prices and/or quote incredibly long lead times.'

'This is where we come in because, for over 50 years, and using our technical expertise and know-how and reverse engineering skills, we have been manufacturing and supplying high-performance, cost-competitive replacement parts to our customers that are widely recognised in the industry, and certainly by our customers, as being as good as (if not better) than those available from the original equipment manufacturer.'

CMS Cepcor manufactures and stocks, at its Coalville facilities, an impressive inventory of replacement parts to suit primary, gyratory, cone, jaw and impact crushers for its growing international customer base.

The investment decision

In response to market demand for its replacement parts and in a bid to boost its own productivity and performance to take advantage of the relative economic buoyancy of the global mining and aggregate sectors in particular – CMS Cepcor has significantly increased its own UK manufacturing capacity and capabilities by investing in the three new Doosan machine tools.

Explains Chris Sydenham:

'We are continually improving our manufacturing capabilities – and part of this strategy means regular and prudent investment in the latest, most advanced machine tools.

'We need machines that are powerful, reliable and flexible – and the nature of the parts we manufacture means that machines need to be versatile and must be able to handle, high-accuracy, heavy-duty machining right through to fine finishing.

'We knew, from previous experience, that Doosan machines can be trusted to deliver and that they are reliable performers. We also recognise that they represent good value.'

But CMS Cepcor’s decision to invest in Doosan technology wasn’t only about the machine tools or about their performance.

Continues Chris Sydenham:

'We like Mills’ after-sales service and support and value their applications and technical back-up too. Mills provide a complete package that is difficult to beat.'

Doosan machines – focusing on the Puma 700XLM

The Doosan machines are being used to machine a diverse range of complex, high-precision replacement and wear parts that include eccentric shafts, sleeves, pitmans, section rings, shaft nuts, bushings etc.

The three Doosans are all large capacity machines.

The largest lathe purchased by CMS Cepcor – the Puma 700XLM – is an impressive box-guide-way lathe capable of machining work-pieces up to 5050 mm in length and with a maximum work-piece weight of 1400kg (chucking work) and 8,900kg (shaft work).

The Puma 700XLM is equipped with a powerful 45kW twin-speed gearbox driven spindle (1500rpm), driven tools (11kW/3,000rpm) and a fast-indexing 12-station turret, and was supplied with a number of options that included - an automatic (tow-along) tailstock, a specialist tooling package, an automatic touch tool setter, hydraulic and manual steadies and a swarf conveyor.

Parts produced on the Puma 700XLM (either to order or for stock) are characterised by their size (up to 1 metre diameter and up to 5 metres in length), complexity (bores, grooves, threads etc.), tight geometrical and dimensional tolerances (0.025mm), and excellent surface finishes.

The nature of CMS Cepcor’s business means that batch quantities are low (e.g. one-offs) and cycle times are often long (typically over 5 hours).

Concludes Chris Sydenham:

'Through our continuous improvement programmes and investment in new technologies we are better prepared for the future, and can focus all of our resources on delivering high-quality replacement parts delivered on time and in budget.  
'The investment in the three new Doosan machines represents an important step in our development and signals still further our ambition to maintain our position as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium crusher parts to the world’s mining, quarrying and aggregates industries.'

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