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Seco Tools invest in DMG MORI multi-axis machine tools
Seco Tools invest in DMG MORI multi-axis machine tools

Seco Tools invest in DMG MORI multi-axis machine tools

Added to MTDCNC by Seco Tools (UK) Ltd on 17 December 2015

Seco Tools UK, the complete cutting tools solutions provider to the metal-cutting industry, has recently invested in two new DMG MORI multi-axis machine tools.


The machines, a DMU85 monoBLOCK® (5-axis machining centre) and a CTX1250 TC (Mill-Turn machine) were installed at Seco’s state-of-the-art Technology Centre, in Alcester, in September 2015 in good time for the company’s ‘Inspiration through Innovation’ Open House that took place on 23rd and 24th September.


The two DMG MORI machines, which have replaced an older 5-axis machine and mill-turn centre previously installed at Seco’s Technology Centre some years ago, represent a significant investment for Seco and reflect its ambition to be the cutting tool solutions’ provider of choice for UK and Irish component manufacturers.


Explains Seco’s Managing Director, Richard Jelfs:


‘Our Technology Centre is a valuable resource not only for us but also for our customers – and it fulfils a number of training and applications objectives.


‘On one hand it serves as the in-house location where staff and customer training and machining/cutting demonstrations on new products takes place.


‘The Technology Centre is also the perfect venue where customer-specific process improvement and turnkey solutions are designed, developed and proved-out by our engineers (in collaboration with customers) and, as was demonstrated recently, is a great resource for Open Houses, seminars etc.’


However, the Technology Centre’s relevance and credibility with Seco staff and with UK and Irish manufacturers is very much dependant on the range and type of machine tools Seco has at its disposal at the Centre.


Continues Richard Jelfs:


‘Precision manufacturers machining complex parts for the aerospace, medical, oil/gas, power generation and motorsport sectors (to name but a few), increasingly use and rely on the latest multi-axis machine tools to increase their productivity and improve their performance.


‘Many of these manufacturers have already invested (and are continuing to invest) in the latest advanced machine tools – and we, quite naturally, need the Technology Centre’s resources to replicate what’s being used in and by the market.”


In deciding which machine tools would replace its existing 5-axis machining centre and mill-turn machine, Seco approached a number of different machine tool suppliers.


Selection criteria


Important as it was - the search to find the optimum 5-axis and mill-turn machine tool replacements for the Technology Centre involved much more than the just the machines themselves.


Explains Richard Jelfs:


‘Clearly the machines had to have the right technical specifications to meet our immediate and future needs and requirements, and the machine tool supplier needed to have the requisite after-sales service and support structures in place to ensure that we could immediately exploit (and continue to exploit) the machines’ full potential.


‘We also wanted the machine tool supplier to become one of our Technical Partners…to collaborate with us in joint technical, training and promotional ventures and to help us develop new and exciting strategies to inspire UK and Irish manufacturers.


‘In short, we were looking for a machine tool supplier that shared our vision, culture and values…and in DMG MORI we found that company.’


The machines


The DMU85 monoBLOCK® and the CTX1250 TC are popular, best-selling machines from DMG MORI’s impressive range.


The DMU85 monoBLOCK® is a state-of-the-art 5-axis machining centre equipped with advanced spindle technology, a powerful control system and a generous-sized work envelope and work table. The machine provides customers with 3 + 2 through to full simultaneous 5-axis machining capability and is ideal for roughing and fine-finishing operations.


The CTX1250 TC is a versatile, high-performance mill-turn machine equipped with direct-drive technology, the new 22kW/12000rpm turn-mill compactMASTER® spindle; an integrated dynamic B-axis head (+/-120 degrees), and 250mm Y-axis capability.


Comments Steve Finn, Managing Director DMG MORI UK on Seco’s investment in DMG MORI technology:


‘We are delighted that Seco Tools has selected DMG MORI machines for its Technology Centre.


‘We have worked closely in the past with Seco, and have much in common with them – e.g. a commitment to customer care and an unswerving obsession to delivering technical excellence and added value.


‘It is great news that we have such a prestigious reference site for our advanced 5-axis and mill-turn machines and the events that Seco Tools has planned (and is planning) to run at its Technology Centre in the months and years ahead will provide great opportunities for both companies to inform, educate and inspire manufacturers about our respective technologies.’

Building Location

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