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A&M Invest in Sodick EDM
A&M Invest in Sodick EDM
A&M Invest in Sodick EDM
A&M Invest in Sodick EDM

A&M Invest in Sodick EDM

Added to MTDCNC by Sodi-Tech on 27 February 2015

Regarded as one of the UK's leading  wire and spark erosion specialists, A&M EDM Ltd makes anything from jewellery tooling to equipment that goes to Mars with a wide spectrum of work that includes mould, die and extrusion tools through to aerospace components. This diversity and expertise sees the company working with customers in the US, Germany, Italy, Spain and all over Western Europe. The company credits a lot of its success to the support and equipment supplied by Sodi-tech EDM Ltd.

As the owner and Managing Director of A&M, Mr Mark Wingfield comments: 'I worked on numerous EDM machines down the years and at my last place of employment, the company had an entry level Sodick machine. So, when I set up my business in 2002, I had worked with all the leading brands during my previous experiences but I immediately opted for the Sodick. From 2002 until now, I have bought 25 Sodick machines. This is a combination of wire, sinking, EDM hole drilling and high speed machining.'

'The Sodick machines give me the best in terms of performance, reliability, service and surface finishes. The machines are second to none. I just tell people to look at the quality of what we do and the machines we do it on. This is a great testament to the quality of the Sodick line. I cannot stress enough the quality of the backup support and service that has been there from day one. Without the service support of your machine supplier, your company is nothing and Sodick really excel at this.'

The latest purchase for the West Midlands company is the AG100L that was predominantly selected for its physical size. 'As the company has grown, so has the size of the workpiece. We do anything from micro parts for hypodermic needles through to large parts and this is why we have the bought the 2.1m X 1.25m bed machine. Whereas we previously had to turn large work away, we can now take on more work from existing and new customers alike. Furthermore, the machine comes in two parts, so you can adapt the work area to accept larger tanks. If we ever need to machine larger parts, instead of buying a bigger machine, we can just purchase a larger tank to retrofit to the machine.'

Since the AG100L machine was installed in early 2015, the company immediately took delivery of a large rotor job, which wouldn't have been possible without the extra capacity of the AG100L machine - highlighting the company's need for a larger footprint machine.

The investment of hundreds of thousands of pounds in the last 13 years on EDM solutions from Sodick is clearly paying dividends for A&M as it has just taken on a new building that will add an extra 30,000sq/ft to its existing floor area.

The new facility is rapidly filling up with large bed Hurco machining centres for extremely large parts. As Mr Wingfield concludes: 'We started as an EDM company but with the downturn, we saw an opportunity and diversified to ensure that the closure of machine shops wouldn't disrupt the supply of products to the manufacturing industry. There is always going to be a need for manufacturing and we saw a niche for supplying to people that needed it.'

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