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MNB Precision invest in new Soraluce and Hartford machines
MNB Precision invest in new Soraluce and Hartford machines

MNB Precision invest in new Soraluce and Hartford machines

Added to MTDCNC by TW Ward CNC Machinery Ltd on 18 November 2014

MNB Precision is investing more than £1 million in its future, establishing a new and larger headquarters in Coventry to house an impressive portfolio of high-tech machine tools – that will include additional top-of-the-range Soraluce milling and Hartford machining centres from T W Ward CNC Machinery (Ward CNC).

The long-established (over 35 years’ ago) family-owned company specialises in tight-tolerance CNC precision machining, utilising best-of-breed milling, turning, jig boring, spark erosion and grinding technologies, for example, to not only meet but also surpass the needs of its predominantly – but not exclusively - oil and gas industry-based customers including clients such as Halliburton, Schlumberger, NOV and Weatherford.

In particular, MNB Precision has developed an enviable reputation for tackling complex parts in difficult-to-machine and exotic materials such as Inconel, beryllium copper and non-magnetic stainless steels.  

Rapid growth over the past few years has prompted continuous investment in new machines to expand its capabilities and capacity. The machine portfolio already includes a host of Ward CNC-supplied machines – five Hartford machining centres and two Soraluce milling machines, included.

It has been the reliability and success of these machines – coupled with customer encouragement to continue to invest in these machine brands – that spurred the latest wave of investment in the Soraluce FL8000 travelling-column milling centre and Hartford double-column Blockbuster PRO 3150AG machining centre, as MNB Precision’s Business Development Manager Will Melly explains:

'Our expanding order book, not only within the oil and gas sector, was putting increased pressure on the throughput of our existing machines, which are sited in three separate but co-located facilities that the company has steadily acquired as we have expanded.

'The imminent move to our new site, which will effectively double our floorspace and allow all machines to be housed under the same roof, will certainly help us to improve the logistics of machining and further streamline our processes.

'Coincident with this major expansion is our determination to widen our customer base, enabling new clients in sectors like nuclear and aerospace to exploit our already considerable expertise.

'It was with this in mind – and a dogged determination to continue to provide all customers, existing and new, with exactly what they need in terms of machining capacity that we turned to Ward CNC again.

Offering X, Y and Z travels of 8,000 mm by 1,800 mm by 1,300 mm and a 32 kW/1,045 Nm torque spindle, the Soraluce FL8000 milling centre will feature a 4,000 revs/min automatic indexing head, indexable in 0.001 x 0.001deg increments, B axis large bore rotary table and a Heidenhain iTNC 530 CNC system.

The 40-tool Hartford Blockbuster four-axis machining centre, which has a Fanuc 0i-MD Hartrol Advanced programming System CNC, provides X, Y and Z travels of 3,060 mm by 1,560 mm by 780 mm. The 6,000 revs/min, 26 kW main spindle works in conjunction with hardened and ground guideways to guarantee consistently rigid and reliable heavy-duty machining.

'In discussing new machining contracts, certain customers suggested we investigated these larger capacity Soraluce and Hartford models to enable us to take on new and larger work. And based on past experience with the machines and service provided by Ward CNC, we did not hesitate to respond to these calls by ordering the new Soraluce and Hartford machines.”

The machines are scheduled for delivery in early 2015.

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