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We chose Star, we felt that their machines had the edge
We chose Star, we felt that their machines had the edge
We chose Star, we felt that their machines had the edge

We chose Star, we felt that their machines had the edge

Added to MTDCNC by Star Micronics GB Limited on 05 March 2014

Star GB recently caught up with one of our long-time customers, Glengowan Engineering.

Based in Airdrie, the Scottish company this year celebrates the fortieth anniversary of its founding in 1974. Throughout its impressive forty-year history in the engineering industry, Glengowan Engineering has produced turned parts for the medical, dental, and electronics industries, among others.

The company has been a user of Star sliding head lathes for over 20 years. Their very first Star machine, an SST-16, was installed in 1992, and since then their turning plant has expanded to a dozen machines – and each one is a twin-spindle sliding head lathe from Star.

'I must admit, when we were initially looking at sliding head lathes, it came down to either a Star or a Citizen,' says Graham Turner, Glengowan’s managing director. 'We chose Star because we felt that their machines had the edge over the competition, and we don’t regret that decision at all. The quality of the finished work is always great and we get a good yield of parts every day.'

Aside from producing high quality work, the build and performance of the machines themselves is another key strength of Star’s sliding head lathes.

'We’ve hardly had chance to take advantage of Star’s after-sales service, or the repairs and servicing,' Mr Turner continues. 'Their machines are incredibly reliable – they so rarely give us a problem that we almost never need any support. And when they do go down, they’re back up fast.'

Glengowan’s loyalty to Star for over two decades has made them a popular name with the Star team. Steve Totty said of the company: 'We’re very pleased to have been a part of Glengowan Engineering’s outstanding history. The fact that they exclusively use our equipment is a testament to the reliability and productivity built into Star machines.'

At time of writing, Glengowan were in the process of having their twelfth Star sliding head lathe, the successful and capable SR-32J model, installed. Mr Turner goes on:

'Our new machine has just arrived – we’re speaking with Star today and setting up the jobs that it’ll be carrying out. It’s always exciting to add another Star slider to our line-up!'

Star GB hope to carry on our relationship with Glengowan for many years to come.

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