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Yorkshire Precision choose Lagun..
Yorkshire Precision choose Lagun..

Yorkshire Precision choose Lagun..

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 30 June 2014

As part of the Unison Group of companies, Yorkshire Precision is a new business that has been formed to manufacture machine beds, heads, arms and a host of other components that complete Unison’s globally renowned tube bending machinery.

Primarily focused upon the manufacture and supply of high quality tube bending machines, Unison formed Yorkshire Precision to eliminate the cost of subcontract manufacture. However, the ongoing investment at the rapidly growing subcontract division is now enabling Yorkshire Precision to offer machining capacity up to 4m by 1.2m with full inspection verification services. With the ability to provide full assembly and test facilities in its new 30,000 ft² premises, the subcontract facility at Yorkshire Precision now undertakes work for aerospace, automotive and nuclear OEMs.

To facilitate this work the company has recently acquired a Lagun 5-axis CNC bed milling machine with a 4m bed from Goratu. As Yorkshire Precision’s General Manager, Steve Chambers says: 'We bought the Goratu primarily to facilitate our large aerospace and nuclear work as well as the large machine beds for Unison. The key reason behind buying the Lagun machine is because it offers us 2m machining capacity in the Z-axis. The majority of machine tool vendors in the market place only go up to 1 to 1.2m, which wasn’t big enough for our needs.'

'Furthermore, the Goratu machine is supplied with the Heidenhain i530 control, which we believe is the best and most powerful unit for our needs. It also simplifies the transition for any operator using the machine as every machine on our shop floor has a Heidenhain control unit.'
With a 24 tool ATC and touch probing for reducing set-up times, the Goratu Lagun machine has proven a highly productive, rigid and robust machine tool that is extremely flexible due to its 5-axis spindle head.

Concluding upon the decision to acquire the Goratu machine and the benefits to Yorkshire Precision since its arrival, Steve continues: 'The Lagun machine is extremely robust and this enables us to conduct heavy material removal cycles to improve our productivity. Furthermore, the ATC, 5-axis head and the touch probing minimises our non-cutting times and simplifies our setting-up processes. Since we installed the machine, we have been able to retain large amounts of work that would previously been subbed out to another manufacturer. So, it has reduced our overheads whilst proving so productive that we will have a relatively short pay-back period on the machine. We are already looking at the next step, which will be another Goratu with a machine bed up to 10m for processing the large Unison machine beds.'

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