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We needed a swivelling B-axis machine, Nakamura ticked the boxes

We needed a swivelling B-axis machine, Nakamura ticked the boxes

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 22 September 2014

With a range of high-end machine tools manufacturing complex components for the aerospace and medical industries; when Aylesbury based CNF Precision won a long term production order for a lighting project - it knew exactly what it wanted from a machine tool.

The company needed a twin spindle turning centre for the production of complicated aluminium and steel parts and upon reviewing the market, CNF decided upon the Nakamura Super NTJ turning centre from the ETG Group. As CNF's Managing Director, Mr Neil Fearnley recalls: 'We wanted a highly productive twin spindle turning centre for front and back end working. In addition to this, we wanted a swivelling B-axis tool configuration for drilling holes and machining flats at angles. When we reviewed the market, there were very few manufacturers capable of providing what we needed.'

To clarify which direction the subcontractor should go, CNF provided machine builders with the same trial part. With a rotating tooling turret on the top and a fixed turret on the bottom of the Nakamura Super NTJ, the high-end turning centre completed the trial part over 30 seconds faster than alternate machines. This is credit to the top turret of the NTJ not requiring multiple tool changes.

As Mr Fearnley continues: 'We wanted to complete the part in one hit on the new turning centre and the Nakamura Super NTJ was a leap of faith for us, as it was the first model of the upgraded Super NTJ in the UK. However, machining parts in batches of 100,000, 30 seconds per part is an incredible saving. Overall the machine is 20% faster and since we purchased the machine the package has been incredible. The sales advice and service support we have received from Richard Hughes and Graeme Thomas at ETG has been unparalleled. Furthermore, for a facility that is geared to production machining, uptime and reliability is a major factor to us. To this end, the machine has been remarkably reliable and the support has been superb.'

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