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Kepston takes the high ground with Hauser purchase
Kepston takes the high ground with Hauser purchase
Kepston takes the high ground with Hauser purchase

Kepston takes the high ground with Hauser purchase

Added to MTDCNC by Hardinge Jones and Shipman on 30 January 2015

Aldridge, West Midlands based jig and cylindrical grinding specialist Kepston Ltd has cemented its position was one of the UK's leading grinding sub-contractors following the purchase of a second Hauser jig grinding machine.

The new Hauser H35 400 is part of an on-going investment programme by Kepston that is now approaching £3M in the past 2.1/2 years including machine tools, infrastructure and additional personnel.

The top end Hauser will sit comfortably alongside Kepston’s other Hauser jig grinder – a 13 year old S35 – that has been a cornerstone of the company’s growth and success.  Both machines have been supplied by Leicester based Jones & Shipman Hardinge who, as part of the international Hardinge Grinding Group, supply Hauser, Kellenberger and Usach machines in the UK as well as their own J&S range.

Kepston serves a diverse range of end user industries including aerospace, Formula 1, food packaging, petro-chemical and high end general engineering, all of whom present their challenges in terms of materials, deadlines and component complexity.

As managing director Brent Millage explains, the latest jig grinder acquisition is part of an on-going process. 

"We set out our stall to be the UK’s premier jig and cylindrical grinding specialist and few will argue that today, with our capabilities and equipment, we are certainly up there with the very best.

"The exceptional on going performance of our existing Hauser made the latest investment an easy decision,” he adds. "The original machine has hardly missed a beat in 13 years and it maintains 1 micron surface finishes day in, day out, making a phenomenal contribution to our business."

The need for more capacity and the ability to machine to the coveted 1 micron surface finishes drove the purchase which, thanks to its greatly improved specification and an ATC automatic tool changer option, has also contributed significant productivity improvements.

The Hauser H35 400 is a highly adaptable machine, accommodating simple bore and form grinding or rapidly adapting to become a fully automated high-tech grinding and hard milling cell.

It features the latest Hauser jig grinding/hard milling head which provides an unparalleled variety of grinding and milling strategies with its Z, C and U configuration. Its hydrostatic guided spindle bearing system allows circular accuracies better than 0.5µm in planetary grinding and an unparalleled U axis capacity up to +47mm increases the grinding autonomy.


Such is the sensitivity of cut offered by the Hauser that operators in Kepston frequently make use of the 'cut sound' facility on the Fanuc 301 control.

Automated taper grinding is also a key feature available with Z and U axis interpolation. Thanks to this modern grinding head technology, the combination of highly accurate jig grinding with complementary hard milling has become a Hauser focal point.


The fully programmable ATC automatic tool changer with 12 magazine positions, permits automatic machining with grinding wheels from ø3mm to ø50mm diameter. This will enable lengthy unmanned machining cycles (overnight if necessary) which will impact on capacity and productivity in the precision grinding of some components. (Palletisation is also an option on H35 series machines.)

The usable surface area of 600 x 380mm can accommodate loads to 300kg and with its high grade rigidity and stiffness plus a significantly boosted stroke speed and frequency this offers the potential for doubling of stock removal capacity, reducing grinding cycle time and cutting in half spark out time.


As well as its two Hauser machines, Kepston’s extensive grinding operations also feature two Kellenberger KEL-VIVA cylindrical grinders and three Jones & Shipman universal grinders.

Hauser is a Kellenberger company within the Hardinge Grinding Group. For UK enquiries please contact Jones & Shipman Hardinge on +44 (0) 116 201 3000 or e-mail sales@jonesshipman.com

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