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Finding the right machine in Tornos...
Finding the right machine in Tornos...
Finding the right machine in Tornos...
Finding the right machine in Tornos...

Finding the right machine in Tornos...

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 17 March 2014

In the medical industry, Medartis, founded in 1997, is a dynamic SME that has some exclusive ways of ensuring it always provides the markets with exceptional service. Part of this service philosophy stems from  its production facility and in particular the bar turning workshop that uses turning technology from Tornos.

Located in an ultra-modern building in the heart of Basel, at first glance the company premises do not seem a likely home for production equipment and yet, one floor is dedicated to machining centres and another to automatic turning machines. Recently, three Tornos EvoDeco 10 machines were being delivered to the third floor by a highly specialised team.

Choosing the best machine

André Vogt, in charge of the bar turning department and he says: 'We follow a strict analysis procedure for ing our production equipment and we only choose machines that are precisely suited to our current needs. We are always looking for ways to optimise and we cannot simply content ourselves with 'generic' production equipment.' Every machine is therefore studied in detail and chosen with care. Medartis developed its patented Tri-Lock system using the capacities of Deco machines. Mr Vogt explained: 'The Tornos machines ensure we are always able to finish the parts; if, for example, a screw head needs polishing, it will be done on the Deco.'

Even though the choice is made as judiciously as possible, it is just the start and the company is always looking to improve and optimise. Mr Vogt told us: 'With an annual growth in our turnover of almost 20%, we need to keep striving to find solutions that allow us to improve. With the new EvoDeco machines just delivered, we should be very productive straight away and we aim to cover the requirements for our growth in 2014. For the following years, we will need to invest in the replacement of the old Deco machines, but also in extending our machine inventory.' The company currently has one Deco 10, fifteen Deco 13 and three EvoDeco 10 with over 280 staff and 19 employed in the bar turning department.

From Deco to EvoDeco

This quest for improvement also includes the replacement of the ageing Deco 13 machines. As almost 90% of production carried out on these machines has a diameter of less than 10mm, the company decided to start replacing these with EvoDeco 10 machines. Mr Vogt explained: 'The EvoDeco 10 machine has shorter strokes and offers the latest technology, particularly in terms of spindles. Switching from one machine to another has allowed us to increase productivity by 20%. The EvoDeco's are also easier to programme and  use. In addition, we switched to TB-Deco ADV and saw a significant change in performance. Simply having a built-in PC has also streamlined programming.'  

The machines are equipped with a range of devices designed to improve production and make it safer, for example the new thread whirling devices or the vacuum workpiece pick-up system. The workshop manager added: 'The production runs are 4, 8, 12 or a maximum of 24 hours, so the flexibility of the machines and the ease with which runs can be changed are therefore incredibly important.'

The aim? To be the first and the best

With levels of production of 19 hours per day, working with just one team, Medartis places total faith in the reliability of Tornos machines. The workshop manager is very clear: 'Our processes are managed and we want to be able to work 19 hours a day without having to work in shifts. Tornos machines provide a trouble-free solution and I can attest to their excellent reliability. Having the best machines is just the start, we also need the best operators.'

Moving premises as an example

'We are a team and every member of the group is important, which is why when we moved to our new premises in 2009, we decided together how to lay out the machines and the auxiliary equipment so that every work space was user-friendly and comfortable.' The same approach was applied when the new EvoDecos were introduced. Even though Medartis works according to the most rational processes, such as 5S or the SMED method, human beings are still at the heart of its concerns. And the statistics clearly support that, as the bar turning department has not seen any staff leave in 5 years.

The ‘Tornos package’

The concept of team explained by the department management does not stop at the company's walls: 'We also see our work with suppliers as teamwork and this works very well with Tornos. Both in terms of service and spare parts, we have only positive experiences to report. Tornos offers us a 'package of services' that meets our expectations. We know that we can count on them.'

And what about the future? …

When asked about the future, the workshop manager's answer was clear: 'We are going to continue to develop and improve our productivity. For example, in terms of controls, where we want to automate certain operations, the perfect solution would be to do so directly on the Tornos machines.'

Medartis always analyses several manufacturers and machines when it is acquiring new production equipment, and the quality of the service as a whole is key. Mr Vogt concludes: 'We have always gained with Tornos solutions. We are a veritable team, with all of the parties working very well together. Because the machines correspond precisely to our needs and because we can rely on a highly efficient package of services, the likelihood that our new machines will be Tornos is very high.'

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