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Two In One Capability from Tornos Significantly Reduces Material Costs

Two In One Capability from Tornos Significantly Reduces Material Costs

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 06 June 2012

With material costs continually rising and manufacturers increasingly under price pressure, Tornos has developed a unique feature allowing a machine to run guide-bushless or as a conventional slider thus reduce material waste by up to 60%. As a leading manufacturer of Swiss sliding head turning centres Tornos has identified material costs and the associated waste as a major issue to its customers, hence the development of duel machining capability.

The guide-bushless system has been made available on the Delta, Gamma and the new EvoDeco 16 machines for typical looking fixed head parts below 45mm in length, these machines can run as a bushless machine or as a standard sliding head turning centre. Additionally, a new spindle design has been made available for the Delta 38 Series that also enables it to minimise waste.

Increasingly available on Tornos machines, the guide-bushless system offers a number of benefits to the end user. The preparation time for bar beyond the standard sliding head turning centre dimensional quality requirements of h8 or h9 is no longer a major issue. Without a guide bush, customers can run standard materials like aluminium that would generally require an expensive adaptive guide bush system or a grinding operation, to guarantee roundness before machining. Working without a guidebush enables such constraints and excessive set-up times to be eliminated.

From a set-up perspective, the Tornos guide-bushless system also enables the end user to switch from a standard sliding head machine with a guide bush to a bushless machine in less than 20 minutes. This rapid changeover time has astounded end users and proven a major selling point to potential customers. One such customer delighted with the ability to work with the guide bushless system was Technoset.

A key factor in the decision for Technoset to purchase its first Tornos Gamma was its ability to work not only as a traditional sliding head machine for long slender parts but also its quick and easy changeover to bush less working for production of short stubby parts. This system significantly cuts material wastage through reduced bar remnant sizes and the Technoset, Managing Director, Mr Kane is delighted with the results, commenting: "A lot of our work is with very high value materials such as Inconel, Titanium, Monel and aerospace Stainless steel grades. In some cases very high value materials can cost as much as £50 per meter. The new Gamma can cut remnant lengths from 10-12 inches to 1-2 inches giving us significant material cost savings. In addition, with shorter length parts we can produce significantly more parts per bar&rdquo.

In many instances working without a guide bush allows geometric tolerances such as circularity to be guaranteed. Such tolerances are difficult to achieve with a conventional guide bush or rotating guide bush system, thus improving component quality and accuracy. The benefits of reduced waste and set-up times have already been proven in the UK. Tornos UK has identified that many subcontract machine shops are using sliding head lathes for the machining of components more suited to fixed head applications. Incorporating a guide-bushless system into a standard sliding head machine gives customer both machining options.

Tornos poses the question to subcontractors, how many sliding head components produced are typical fixed head parts below 45mm in length? Parts produced in this category are extremely common, and for manufacturers working in this band, the guide-bushless system from Tornos can deliver remarkable material savings. For details on how Tornos&rsquo new machine development can start making drastic material savings for your business, please contact the Tornos UK Team for further details.

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