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Tornos TISIS Software is really suite
Tornos TISIS Software is really suite
Tornos TISIS Software is really suite
Tornos TISIS Software is really suite

Tornos TISIS Software is really suite

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 12 April 2015

Bandi SA is impressive both for its size and for the quality of its workshop; a facility that contains close to 200 CNC turning machines that are tasked with high-end production in the precision watch-making sector. The latest installation for the Swiss manufacturer is a Tornos SwissNano that is currently being used in production in conjunction with Tornos' new TISIS CAM system.
As the Production Manager at Bandi SA, Mr Christophe Goullier has a glowing endorsement for the new Tornos software: 'We carry out a lot of cutting operations, so the SwissNano is very well equipped. With the TISIS system we are able to implement this equipment virtually and the programme immediately shows us the possibilities. For example, it’s impossible to set up tool holders that are incompatible with each other.
With the machine set up being accomplished virtually through the TISIS software before manually setting up the machine, you could easily be drawn to the conclusion that the system will waste time. But that isn't the case, as Mr Goullier says: 'The machine can’t be configured incorrectly, even a new opera tor will quickly and easily come to understand it. It really saves time setting up the equipment in this way'.
Once the configuration is set up in TISIS, the programming is done in the traditional way with an ISO set-up. 'It uses ISO programming, but the system is packed with good ideas, particularly when it comes to synchronisations and the use of colors. All this allows the lines of programming to be managed more easily and efficiently. Furthermore, the simulator within TISIS allows parts of the programme to be carried out and the trajectories to be controlled with remarkable ease in a visually friendly format.'
'Another highly interesting element is that the system allows us to add to add information of all types to the program. This includes plans, photos or other textual information. Once the program has been transferred to the machine over the Wi-Fi network or by USB key, adjustments can still be made. For example, the part programs can be saved with offsets. If the program is re-used for a new setup, the operator will immediately have all the information and settings at their disposal. This is a much easier way to monitor and control production,' Mr. Goullier adds.
With TISIS, Tornos has truly embraced the mobile age as the new software package permits real time display of machine information on a tablet or smart-phone. As Mr  Goullier says: 'We’ve truly entered into a new era, TISIS allows us to quickly and simply view all the necessary information to properly plan production. This is a real plus for a production manager. Furthermore, this program is very instinctive and intuitive. The visual aids are incredibly well designed. After just a few days you wouldn’t be without it!'
What's It All About?
The TISIS software suite is a programming package that has been developed by Tornos engineers to create a functional package that will enhance and improve the experience and productivity for the customer. Like many software packages, upgrades and new features are a frequent occurrence and in the latest version (TISIS 1.4) a new TISIS-Screen application for monitoring the machine inventory has been created. This  Windows  application  is  an  add-on  supplied with the connectivity pack and it also enables machine tool support catalogues or workpiece programs to be transferred or recovered.
With the recent arrival of two new machines to the Tornos product range, the Swiss GT26 and the CT20 – TISIS is the perfect addition for programming workpieces on these machines. One of the latest additions to the revolutionary package for sliding head turning centres is the calculation of workpiece time. This value is actually calculated automatically when the workpiece is programmed. The TISIS system displays the workpiece time in seconds [s], the number of workpieces per minute [p/min] and the number of workpieces per hour [p/h]. So, your production run can be timed to the second even before you take the first cut!!
Anyone interested in trying out the programme can download a 30 day trial edition from the Tornos webstore.

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