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Tornos delivers timely solution for watch manufacturer
Tornos delivers timely solution for watch manufacturer
Tornos delivers timely solution for watch manufacturer
Tornos delivers timely solution for watch manufacturer

Tornos delivers timely solution for watch manufacturer

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 01 April 2014

In the high-end watchmaking subcontracting sector, the constraints imposed on workpieces are very strict in terms of size, geometry and appearance, bringing tough challenges for manufacturers.

For many years, Swiss manufacturer Cyberis has ridden this wave with the company undergoing constant growth. It has bought more than 20 production machines over the last two years and plans to purchase several SwissNano machines in the next few months.

Cyberis works with several different types of Tornos automatic turning machines, namely the Micro7, Micro8 and Delta numerical control models and 25 MS-7 cam versions. The company has chosen the SwissNano as the replacement for its CAM type machines. Mr. Muriset, the Director of the 30 employee company explains: 'Although the operators are very versatile and able to work on cam-type machines, we are planning to replace our older machines. We are currently testing our first SwissNano on different workpieces, not only to replace the old cam-type machines but also to expand our inventory of micro machines'.

From Micro to Nano

'With the SwissNano, we are hoping for even faster production than the Micro7. The machine is rigid and we are aiming for tolerances of +/-2microns'. For Cyberis, Micro7 machines are the best that Tornos has ever produced.

The quest for excellence

'We work for many of the major Swiss watch brands, in particular the very high-end names, and we can't afford the slightest error. We simply aim for perfection. Of course, this applies to bar turning machines, but also to the polishing department, the staff, the management system and the checking methods,' explains Mr. Muriset.

Cyberis has a cutting-edge ERP system and supply chain monitoring software which manages the whole production system. All operating procedures and lead-times are checked. 'Our service performance rates are good, even excellent for certain customers, and we want to be sure that we adhere to our promised lead-times. We build customer relationships based on trust and we keep our promises', adds Mr. Muriset.

The company has invested heavily in its inventory of automatic turning machines over the last two years, however this is not the limit of the investment. Almost all Cyberis products require polishing operations, and in order to offer its customers a high level of flexibility and quality, the manufacturer's inventory also includes machines (and expertise) that enable it to perform polishing, satin-finishing and mirror-polishing operations. Mr. Muriset explains: 'We have an ambitious and progressive self-financing investment policy, and our aim is to equip ourselves with the resources enabling us to be a trusted partner to our customers across all sectors'.

'The only thing that limits us in terms of innovation and performance is the capacity of our machines', explains the company director. Cyberis frequently develops tools and equipment that push the limits of the possible. For example, the company's specialists have worked to develop stamping operations on the Tornos Micro machines.

All of the staff working to achieve excellence at the Bassecourt based company are well aware of the stakes. As Mr. Muriset concludes: 'We are a small, dynamic business working tirelessly to serve our customers. We have two objectives. One is to continue to build long-term partnerships with our existing customers and to develop our portfolio by attracting new customers'.

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