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Stockholder says TRUMPF TRULASER 5040 will boost turnover by £1 million

Stockholder says TRUMPF TRULASER 5040 will boost turnover by £1 million

Added to MTDCNC by TRUMPF on 02 July 2014

Derby-based stockholder Eggleston Steel has decided to enhance its busy profiling department by installing a TRUMPF TruLaser 5040 CNC laser cutter featuring BrightLine technology. The company estimates that the new machine will add circa £1 million to its annual turnover from profiling operations.

Eggleston Steel (formally Eggleston Bros) is one of the oldest companies in Derby with a history traceable to 1809. Initially focusing on wrought iron trading, today the company specialises in the supply of mild steel and bright drawn mild steel, along with aluminium and stainless steel in a vast range of sizes, shapes and profiles.

In total, this £7.5 million turnover, 46-employee company offers around 1200 product lines, 65-75% of which are subject to some kind of processing such as sawing, guillotining, folding or profiling. The latter service was first introduced at Eggleston in 2008 when the company rejected the idea of purchasing a new guillotine to shear 25mm plate in favour of acquiring a high definition plasma cutter. A second, larger plasma cutting machine has since been added, helping turnover from the company’s profiling department soar to approximately £1.5 million. This will be boosted further with the recent installation of the TRUMPF TruLaser 5040 with BrightLine.

'We anticipate that the new TRUMPF machine will add around £1 million to our annual turnover from profiling,' states the company’s Managing Director, Richard Hewitt. 'We’ll be running it around the clock, five days a week to further improve the service and quality we offer our customers.'

Mr Hewitt and his team looked initially at three different CNC laser profiling centres. After shortlisting two based on their capability, the TruLaser 5040 was selected chiefly because of its overall package. This high specification CO2 laser cutter comes with TRUMPF’s smart nozzle automation package comprising nozzle changer, beam centring, nozzle inspection and LensLine with automatic status check – the first such package sold in the UK. The machine will also feature a cutting lens with RFID technology, as well as a 6kW TruFlow laser with BrightLine.

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