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Glenthorpe Engineering embrace the upgrades on the CMZ TA CNC Lathes
Glenthorpe Engineering embrace the upgrades on the CMZ TA CNC Lathes
Glenthorpe Engineering embrace the upgrades on the CMZ TA CNC Lathes
Glenthorpe Engineering embrace the upgrades on the CMZ TA CNC Lathes

Glenthorpe Engineering embrace the upgrades on the CMZ TA CNC Lathes

Added to MTDCNC by CMZ UK Ltd on 10 September 2014

Glenthorpe Engineering has just acquired a new TA20M Series turning centre from CMZ to accompany the company's existing TL and TB turning machines. With three CMZ purchases in the last 18 months, the Teddington based manufacturer is clearly reaping the rewards of acquiring CMZ machine tools.

Commenting upon why the subcontractor opted for the CMZ range, David Hambrook of Glenthorpe Engineering says: 'There are a number of features we like about the CMZ line, one feature in particular is the tool setting probe, which is kept separate from the work envelope and away from potential contamination and damage caused by swarf & coolant. This is because it is neatly stored in a compartment within the machine frame. Also, the spindles from CMZ offer a high level of power and good torque characteristics that have direct drive motors. This eliminates the need for a belt and the associated problems that occur from belt driven machines. This direct drive reduces noise, improves precision and also reduces the time the spindle takes to accelerate and decelerate.'

In addition, Mr Hambrook is enthused by the tooling turret that has a very fast indexing speed and the remarkably fast traverse speeds in X & Z axes . 'From experience of working with some of our other CNC machines, we have more than halved the cycle times when we have transferred jobs to the CMZ's and this is credit to the rapids, tool changeover times, spindle acceleration and deceleration that all contribute to provide massive savings.'

With 3 CMZ turning centres in the last 18 months that include a TL, TB and now the latest TA series, Mr Hambrook is well placed to highlight the benefit of the latest series of CMZ turning centre. As Mr Hambrook says: 'The new 67mm bar capacity TA series has a part catcher that is particularly nice to use as it has a dual action arm that sweeps in to catch the part from under the chuck. This is less aggressive than alternate catchers and protects the parts very well. Additionally, the driven tooling is very powerful and is a true milling feature and not just an add-on. Whilst we primarily machine brass, EN18 mild steel, stainless and similar materials, the driven tools have ample power for rapidly removing stock with exotic materials.'

Mr Hambrook is also a fan of the new Fanuc control that offers modules for imperial or metric work as the company uses imperial dimensions frequently.  The swarf conveyor is very efficient and full access to all features is easy, so removing any blockages is simplified whereas previous machines would require the removal of the full conveyor system to locate any potential issues.

Attached to the new CMZ TA20M is the latest Hydrafeed MSV80 barfeed system with full bar support for extended bar lengths. The linear driven barfeed provides seamless integration with remarkable accuracy. Concluding upon the latest addition to the company's plant list, Mr Hambrook concludes: 'The TA series is full of sensible upgrades that can improve productivity, user friendliness and set-up times for the end user. These sensible upgrades are not a complete overhaul that could potentially create a longer learning curve.'


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