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SFC is cooking on Gas thanks to Victor CNC machines
SFC is cooking on Gas thanks to Victor CNC machines
SFC is cooking on Gas thanks to Victor CNC machines
SFC is cooking on Gas thanks to Victor CNC machines

SFC is cooking on Gas thanks to Victor CNC machines

Added to MTDCNC by Victor CNC Ltd on 08 January 2015

As far as start-up companies go, SFC Europe is a company that really has had a flying start. The Wolverhampton Company started trading 18 months ago manufacturing special nuts and bolts for the oil & gas, petrochemical and power generation sectors.

In its first full year of trading, the company has already found its niche and is supplying across Europe and particularly Scandinavia with the principle products used for bolting together oilfield equipment and installations. SFC Europe is a business that supplies bolting for flange connections on valves, pumps, heat exchangers, compressors, gas and steam turbines in safety and quality critical areas.

With a focus on such critical markets, SFC made the astute decision to invest in machine tools from Victor CNC. Commenting upon this, SFC's Terry Venables who makes decisions on machine tool procurement says: 'I have been involved in machine tool procurement for over 30 years, supplying this sector and dealing with its demands is a responsibility that makes you scrutinise all machines that are offered in order to get the right one. On pretty much every occasion, when looking for a CNC lathe, I always come back to Victor. The machines last years, they are robust, accurate and reliable this also means that Victor machines are great value for money.'

Like many subcontractors in the oil & gas and petro-chemical sectors, SFC works with difficult materials such as high nickel alloys, cupro nickel and stainless steel on a daily basis. To conduct this work, the extremely flexible and above all reliable line of Victor CNC turning centres have excelled and delivered an excellent return on investment for SFC.

Machining a variety of parts from the simple to extremely complex in a range of testing materials that demand tight tolerances, the Victor machines have excelled. As SFC Director, Mr Phil Humphreys said: 'Safety and quality is paramount in this business. There is no room for error and producing quality parts is a must and this is the reason we invested in Victor. Their quality, service and reputation is renowned throughout the manufacturing industry and they have been a major contributor to our early success. We started this business 18 months ago with 9 employees, we now have 40 and are planning further expansion.'

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