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Ward CNC reduces cycle times for Velden Engineering

Ward CNC reduces cycle times for Velden Engineering

Added to MTDCNC by TW Ward CNC Machinery Ltd on 01 June 2016

A Takisawa Japan twin-spindle turning centre with gantry loader is enabling Velden Engineering (UK) Ltd to reduce cycle times by more than 40 per cent on the single set-up production of a particular turned component that was formerly produced in separate operations on a two-axis lathe.

Supplied by T W Ward CNC Machinery (Ward CNC), the exclusive UK and Ireland agent for Takisawa Japan, the machine was installed by the award-winning sub-contract specialist specifically to produce these types of components.

With targeted reductions in set-up and lead times and, importantly, reduced piece part costs, Velden selected the machine based on a number of key attributes for reliable unmanned and lights-put production:

[] Simultaneous turning on both spindles, both served by an automatic 120-part stacker/gantry loader 

[] 10-station, high-speed, high-accuracy servo turrets

[] Twin 10 inch quick-change chucks – with special work jaws capable of producing several different part diameters in the same set-up via quick part changeover - in combination with 18.5/15 kW spindle motors

[] Automatic in-process workpiece measurement, with easily and quickly changeable inspection frequency dictated by the user’s variable quality control regimes.

Capable of handling workpieces of 200 mm diameter by 120 mm long and weighing 8 kgs, the Takisawa Japan TT-2500 GA twin spindle turning centre is performing a series of first and second operations, in a single set-up, from billets ranging in size from 30 mm diameter.

The machining sequence for the component in question involves roughing a face, drilling and boring, finishing a  face and thread cutting in the right-hand spindle; and in the left-hand spindle: drilling and counter boring, roughing and finishing a  face, and thread cutting. Finished part time cycle at the stocker is just 143 seconds per part!

Velden has over 40 years’ experience supplying UK industry with a wide variety of machined and fabricated components to industry sectors such as switchgear, medical, nuclear, fluid handling, automotive, aerospace and a varied cross section of OEMs.

According to Velden’s Plant Manager Lee Valentine, the TT-2500 was installed to meet a production overflow for a major customer, but has added a new dimension to the production of complete engineered solutions.

“We did look at alternatives but chose the Takisawa Japan turning centre for a number of reasons,” says Mr Valentine. “Of course, the machine met our technical requirements for one-hit machining. But, importantly, it was available immediately from stock from Ward CNC at the right price, too.


“In addition, we have an existing Ward CNC-supplied Soraluce SL 6000 milling centre, and our experience with this machine has instilled confidence in Ward CNC’s support and service abilities, which is crucial in today’s climate.”


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