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Ward Hi-Tech Provides Production Solutions for Off-shore Manufacturer

Ward Hi-Tech Provides Production Solutions for Off-shore Manufacturer

Added to MTDCNC by Ward Hi Tech Limited on 19 September 2016

For over 40 years Shand UK has been designing and manufacturing hose and pipe coupling systems for rubber reinforced hose and reinforced thermoplastic pipe for the offshore industry. Based in Stallingborough, the company has been assisting the World's major manufacturers in solving application problems of hazardous or unpleasant products, in extreme environmental and thermal conditions. Machining large couplings and hose tails, the company turned to Ward Hi-Tech for a turning solution that would improve its production facility. 

Shand machines couplings for pipes (hose tails) from 16” to 24” in diameter for marine transfer piping and during this process, the pipes are fabricated, galvanised and then machined. Previously machined on Herbert and Crydon lathes, the pipes were generating a swarf like grinding paste that contaminated the workshop. With couplings up to 1.2m long and weighing up to 200kg, the parts only required turning and boring with no drilling or milling involved in the process.

Initially, Shand was looking for a solution that would rid the grinding paste situation and improve the overall throughput time of the large parts. After reviewing the market, the Grimsby off-shore specialist approached Ward Hi-Tech provided a turnkey package that suited the subcontractor. The result was the acquisition of a Hwacheon Hi-Tech 850L Long Bed CNC  Turning Centre, equipped with a large Sandvik boring bar for deep boring, a fixed steady for supporting and through spindle and high pressure coolant that immediately eradicated the grinding paste swarf. 

Whilst the high pressure coolant washed the swarf into the sump and away from the work envelope, Ward Hi Tech also supplied a magnetic filter that enables the zinc from the galvanising to be separated from the coolant. This meant that the business was far more efficient and the work area proved less of a health hazard. When looking at cycle times and efficiencies, Shand notice an immediate impact with couplings now produced 50% quicker than previously. This is partially credit to a 45kW servo motor than permits Shand to conduct heavier machining with higher feed and speed rates.

The surface finishes and overall product quality have also been improved for the end user as a result of the installation. This is credit to the heavy weight and rigidity of the machine that dampens vibration during the machining process. The machine has an integrated 45-degree angle bed frame that minimises heat distortion whilst the precision-polished wide guide surface and bed design absorb the vibration sufficiently. This ensures a high degree of precision when either hard turning or heavy machining.
Ward Hi-Tech, based in Sheffield, are sole UK distributors for Hwacheon CNC turning centres.

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