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Watch Pinion produced on the SwissNano from Tornos
Watch Pinion produced on the SwissNano from Tornos
Watch Pinion produced on the SwissNano from Tornos

Watch Pinion produced on the SwissNano from Tornos

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 23 June 2014

The first SwissNano machines supplied by Tornos have been integrated into customers' production lines. One of the first installations and a test-bed customer was Oxomedic in Saint-Aubin, a small bar turning workshop that was founded in 2000.

Now working exclusively with Tornos turning machines, company owner and director Stéphane Liechti highlights why: 'When I decided to start producing parts with high added value for the watchmaking and medical sectors, I considered several manufacturers, but ultimately it was Tornos and the Deco machine that impressed me the most. I have never regretted my decision. The Deco machines are running well and whenever necessary, I have always received great service from competent staff'.

The search for a new machine

In early 2013, the company decided to invest in a new machine to expand inventory and boost capacity for small diameter work. Mr Liechti reveals that for work involving bars that are less than 3mm in diameter, his SBF-type Robobar bar-loaders were not ideal and he decided to purchase a machine equipped with an LNS bar feeder. 'I analysed the market and decided on another product until Mr. Almeida, the Tornos Switzerland sales manager showed me the SwissNano. The kinematics immediately won me over - they're simple and enable any type of operation. It really is ingenious'.

Setup-free control

No setup procedure is required to control the machine. Installation to production of the first workpiece takes just one week. Mr Liechti's son Allan, comments: 'The machine is great. It has great access to the machining area and with a pivoting control, you can position it very easily to suit your needs.'

'For example, in terms of gear hobbing, everything's much quicker and simpler than on the Deco, which was already quick and straightforward. We just enter the tooth data in the program and everything is synchronised automatically. Production can start immediately. We programme on a PC and then transfer to the machine.'

'With regards to accuracy we were very positively surprised. We produced our first workpieces, which were immediately good and there was no variation. Up to now, we have produced workpieces with tolerances of around 5 to 6 microns, which means we haven't really pushed the machine. However the SwissNano is incredibly stable, and there is no noticeable difference between the first workpieces produced on a cold machine and those produced at different points throughout the day'.

Workpieces with high added value

Oxomedic primarily produces complex parts requiring advanced geometries or finishes, which is another reason why it chose the SwissNano. Mr Liechti explains: 'That means we need to be very flexible and push our machines to their limits. We perform around 3 setup procedures per week, which means we must have machines that allow us to do this quickly and easily. Tornos' small watchmaking machine is ideal for these constant changes and adjustments'.

A three-axis counter spindle? Great idea!

On the subject of aligning the counter spindle for drilling, Allan Liechti has nothing but praise: 'It's a pleasure to perform the alignment. Because the counter spindle is on three axes, there's no need to use a key and a dial gauge, which is a real bonus. In addition, with HF spindles for secondary operations we can perform all kinds of machining. We can mill any shape in secondary operation, which is an undeniable advantage. We are looking at several machining and gear hobbing methods to make the most of this possibility'.

'With regards to productivity we switched the workpieces from the Deco 10 to the SwissNano and it increased. The machine runs faster and it is much better suited to the type of workpiece that we produce. The directors add, “It's very clear that the SwissNano will not replace the cam-type machine inventory, which is used to produce vast runs, but it offers the same level of productivity and because we are much more flexible, I think we can also gain a share of this market'.

A question of trust

'We purchased the SwissNano because we were immediately won over by its design and kinematics, but also because we trust Tornos and Mr. Almeida. And I was right to trust Tornos, we have been completely satisfied with the machine and the few questions we have raised have been dealt with efficiently,' concludes Mr. Liechti.

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