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Oil and Gas supplier X-Cel Superturn opts for VMAX
Oil and Gas supplier X-Cel Superturn opts for VMAX
Oil and Gas supplier X-Cel Superturn opts for VMAX
Oil and Gas supplier X-Cel Superturn opts for VMAX

Oil and Gas supplier X-Cel Superturn opts for VMAX

Added to MTDCNC by Victor CNC Ltd on 06 May 2014

When Andrew Taylor began to explore the marketplace for a new, heavy duty CNC lathe, VMAX was a brand that he had little knowledge or experience of.

X-Cel Superturn specialises in machining parts for the Oil and Gas industry, leading the charge in producing seabed components of all sizes and complexities. Over the last 5 years X-Cel Superturn has grown as a business thanks to its diverse capacity and skillset. More recently focusing heavily on larger and more difficult projects, X-Cel continually invests in new machinery and technology in order to maintain their position as a leading supplier to this demanding sector.

One of the businesses most recent machine tool acquisitions was a new VMAX CNC Oil Country lathe. This machine was purchased to satisfy the growing demand for heavier, oilfield parts.

Andrew Taylor, CEO of X-Cel explains why the VMAX became his machine of choice:

'I've bought dozens of machine tools over recent years, always opting for the right machine for the job. We have great relationships with many equipment suppliers and always maintain that our business has excelled on buying the right machinery for a desired engineering solution.'

'The VMAX was ed on this occasion due to its weight, rigidity and the capacity. The machine turns 10mm depths of cut on 4145 and 4140 Oil Field material grades, successfully and accurately every time'.

'In addition some of our components weigh in excess of 4000kg, therefore being able to support, turn and manage parts of this size is not something all CNC lathes are capable of doing.'

'The VMAX BN7009050 has a turning diameter of 1,790mm and a distance between centres of 5,000mm. Our operators like the machine's open structure, two large, independent doors allow them to set tools on the tool post easily and access the machine to crane in larger parts.'

'It wasn't just the machine that cemented my decision. Victor CNC have supplied machine tools to my business in the past and always delivered the right solution for the required application, they are an attentive business with the right attitude.'

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