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XYZ goes the extra mile by rail
XYZ goes the extra mile by rail

XYZ goes the extra mile by rail

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 18 January 2016

The machine delivery team at XYZ Machine Tools is renowned for its efficient and precise service, but sometimes even they get stumped by a customer’s location. Such was the case when they needed to deliver a new SLX 555, 1.75 metre between centre lathe to MRW Railways in Cleethorpes. Access to the workshop was impossible for the Hiab crane lorry, so alternative arrangements had to be made and one of MRW’s narrow gauge locomotives was pressed into action.

With the lathe securely loaded onto the train’s flat wagon it was hauled to the workshops were it was unloaded using MRW’s 5 tonne gantry crane. Once off the train and onto skates, Simon Webster, XYZ Haulage’s delivery driver’s problems didn’t end there. “It was a 15 metre move to get the machine into location and as is the nature of our business the workshop floor has, rather inconveniently, railway lines running across it, and it isn’t the most level of floors as well. 

However, before we could even contemplate traversing the floor, we had to negotiate the doorway, which was barely millimetres wider than the lathe, so it had to be lined up perfectly. The XYZ driver, bless him, was less than optimistic that we would get the lathe in its final position, but he refused to be defeated and didn’t leave until it was exactly where we wanted it,' says John Tasker. MRW Railways, Engineering Manager.

The locomotive used originally belonged to Lightwater Valley theme park, but was purchased by MRW Railways and is now in use on MRW’s line at Cleethorpes. The workshop at MRW Railways is used to manufacture and refurbish miniature railway equipment. 

In particular, the XYZ SLX 555 will be used to manufacture brand new wheelsets for two other railway companies, as well as machining parts during the overhaul of four miniature steam locomotives along with parts for a new 7¼' gauge diesel locomotive for a railway in Inverness.'Simon and his team are a vital element of our business at XYZ Machine Tools, their determination and dedication to provide the best machine delivery service makes them, without question, the best in the business. This delivery at MRW Railways is a prime example of that,' says Nigel Atherton, Managing Director, XYZ Machine Tools.

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