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XYZ makes life easy for MCC Industries
XYZ makes life easy for MCC Industries
XYZ makes life easy for MCC Industries
XYZ makes life easy for MCC Industries

XYZ makes life easy for MCC Industries

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 30 October 2014

Due to increasing volumes of work MCC Industries, based in Southampton along with its sister company Automotive Accessories needed to invest in additional vertical machining capacity. Key requirements in choosing the new machine were that it had to be operator friendly, easy to set up and robust enough to maximise the capabilities of the latest cutting tool technology on a range of materials including stainless steel. The result was the purchase of an XYZ 1020 VMC, which met all of Managing Director Mark Cox’s criteria

MCC Industries and Automotive Accessories operate from the same manufacturing works, with MCC specialising in general sub-contract CNC machining, including finishing and assembly operations, for a diverse customer base. It produces batch sizes ranging from one to 1000s-off, or more, while Automotive Accessories is one of just two companies worldwide manufacturing H-Point Manikins for the automotive industry. These manikins are used in the design and testing of automotive interiors, particularly seating systems and for whiplash testing approvals to Euro NCAP standards. The Manikins are bought by car manufacturers, automotive design houses as well as all the Euro NCAP testing facilities throughout the world. 'Skilled people can often command too high a salary and often come with some poor preconceived ideas on the best way to do things. This isn’t always the best route for companies like ours, so we have invested heavily in training people and currently have three apprentices, and with that in mind, we require machines that are straightforward to setup without compromising the capability to do exactly what we need,' says Mark Cox.

MCC Industries reviewed several machines during the specification process, with XYZ and its Siemens controlled VMC coming out on top for a number of reasons. 'The machine is maximising the potential of the high performance tooling that we use from WNT. From a control point of view the 828D Shopmill control is extremely user friendly and we were pleasantly surprised to find that XYZ specifies all of the Siemens control’s options are activated, in speaking to other machine tool companies these would have been charged as optional extras, adding several thousands to the purchase price.

The XYZ 1020 VMC being fitted with the Siemens 828D controls are perfect partners making full use of the JobShop Concept and with the onscreen prompts that make programming a straightforward process and simple to understand. Once programmed, jobs can be assessed using the line trace toolpaths or full 3D graphics, which are available for final verification prior to machining. Coupled, with a 20 hp/8000 revs/min spindle, box slideways and feedrates of up to 20 m/min in all axes, the XYZ 1020 VMC can make full use of its 6000 kg rugged construction.

To further enhance productivity Mark Cox specified fitting the optional Renishaw laser tool probing and part set up probes as well as a fourth axis rotary table. 'On jobs with mid-range tolerances of +/- 10 micron the additional investment of the probing allows us to get the job right first time, every time, all with the extra benefits of greatly reducing setup times and having the easy option of having multiple set ups on one machine table,' says Mark Cox.

MCC Industries and Automotive Accessories were already familiar with XYZ, having previously purchased a ProTURN SLX 425 lathe fitted with the ProtoTRAK control system. They had gained the experiences in running this machine alongside the high level of training, technical support and the customer focussed approach of XYZ, these factors influenced its decision to purchase the XYZ 1020 VMC. 'We were more than happy with the service that we were receiving from XYZ and this was reaffirmed when we placed the order. The installation of the VMC was going to be a tight fit as we needed to remove an outside wall and as well as raising the roof in order to install the new machine. In spite of this everything ran smoothly and the machine was quickly in full production, confirms Mark Cox.

The experience of MCC Industries is typical of the response from XYZ customers when it comes to customer service as XYZ Managing Director, Nigel Atherton explains: 'We are installing more than 1000 machines a year in the UK, so we have to be focussed on customer service and ensure that everything goes strictly to plan wherever possible. This, in part, is why we specify that every Siemens control that we use comes fully open with all options enabled for the customer. In doing this we make the customer’s life easier, they may never need to use many of the features, but we are happy knowing that they are there should they have a requirement. It is a common sense approach that we apply across our business and one that results in high levels of repeat business, MCC being a case in point.'

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