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Employees at Jaguar Land Rover’s Engine Manufacturing Centre are breathing easy thanks to Filtermist
Employees at Jaguar Land Rover’s Engine Manufacturing Centre are breathing easy thanks to Filtermist

Employees at Jaguar Land Rover’s Engine Manufacturing Centre are breathing easy thanks to Filtermist

Added to MTDCNC by Filtermist on 13 June 2016

13th June 2016: Employees at Jaguar Land Rover’s new Engine Manufacturing Centre (EMC) are breathing easy thanks to the installation of a comprehensive centralised oil mist extraction system from Telford based oil mist filters specialist, Filtermist International Ltd.

Filtermist’s Managing Director, James Stansfield, elaborates, “We worked closely with Jaguar Land Rover to establish the extent of its extraction requirements to ensure all aspects of the 100,000m² plant were taken into consideration.

“With almost 50 years’ experience in oil mist removal, Filtermist was more than qualified to support Jaguar Land Rover in achieving its objective and we were delighted to be given the opportunity to use our expertise in such an innovative project.”

As well as manufacturing its own range of compact centrifugal oil mist filters, Filtermist is also the UK distributor for sister company Absolent AB’s oil mist, smoke, dust and fume extraction equipment.

Filtermist designed and installed a comprehensive centralised extraction system consisting of over2.5 kilometers of ducting, connected to 24 Absolent A.Smoke80T filtration units to remove oil mist generated during the engine manufacturing process throughout the EMC. Working closely with JLR and its building contractors the extraction system was gradually built up over several months, and was officially commissioned in January 2015.

The A.Smoke80T units have individual capacity of 8000 m³/h, making it a popular choice for demanding applications. Contaminated air passes through three different stages of filtration in the units, by which time, if required, the air is clean enough to be returned back to the workshop and the oil mist can be returned back to the coolant sump.

Filtermist works with a significant number of global automotive manufacturers and is delighted to have added Jaguar Land Rover to its customer list as James explains, “Jaguar Land Rover is one of the leading global names in automotive manufacturing and it is an honor to be associated with this iconic brand. Increasing global demand for Jaguar Land Rover’s products is great news for both UK manufacturing and all aspects of the supply chain.”

Established in 1969, over 95% of Filtermist units are now exported to more than 60 countries worldwide and the company has a well-deserved reputation for its after sales service and support infrastructure.

James continues, “Our after sales support service was a key factor in Jaguar Land Rover awarding the contract to Filtermist. The fact that we’re physically located so near to the EMC means any issues can be dealt with immediately.

“Approximately 30% of the EMC’s 71 suppliers are UK based companies and we are extremely proud to be one of them.”

Find out more about Filtermist UK by visiting www.filtermist.co.uk or visit www.absolent.co.uk for more details on Absolent’s products, available in the UK through Filtermist.


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