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Houghton nuclear coolant

Houghton nuclear coolant

Added to MTDCNC by Houghton PLC on 08 August 2016

Houghton, the world’s largest supplier of specialist metalworking fluids and fluid management services, is a member company of the Nuclear AMRC expanding its industry expertise into the challenging nuclear sector. 

The NAMRC and Houghton have worked together to gain approval for a new technology, long life specialist coolant for the nuclear manufacturing sector. The new product is called Hocut 795N which has been developed from the market leading Hocut 795B platform used throughout the global aerospace sector.

The nuclear industry has some unique requirements for example, the chemical composition of materials that come into contact with a workpiece during manufacturing are critically important. Anything that comes into contact with the workpiece has the potential to initiate corrosion, which can cause serious problems over the product's 60 year design life in an extremely aggressive environment.

The NAMRC  team worked with Houghton to make sure all of the quality and materials requirements of the nuclear sector could be met by the new Hocut 795N coolant before arranging discussions between Houghton and Rolls-Royce, another NAMRC member. Rolls-Royce maintains a database of all materials which are approved for use in the production and handling of nuclear components and tested the new coolant in its own laboratories. Hocut 795N was given a Class A approval status, this is the highest grade in its non-metallic database and means that the new coolant is fully approved for  use in nuclear manufacturing. The NAMRC now uses 795N coolant in many machines throughout its Catcliffe facility, and it is also being increasingly used by all component manufacturers in the nuclear sector supply chain. 

Houghton Product Manager   Steve Rushton says that ‘extremely low limits of many of the additives  normally used to formulate a coolant pose a very challenging task for chemists to maintain a high level of performance and stability. Hocut 795N maintains all of the performance benefits of our  global 795 technology family while at the same time complying to these stringent demand’s and being free from both formaldehyde release biocides and boron allowing it to meet ever increasing European chemicals regulation.

The approval of Hocut 795N delivers the latest technology coolant into the rapidly expanding nuclear sector. Hocut 795N is showcased in the NAMRC one of Europe’s premier manufacturing research facilities  and the product is used throughout its Catcliffe facility where it can be seen in use on many different materials and components used in the nuclear sector supply chain. 

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