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Midland Aerospace take off with Lubriserv
Midland Aerospace take off with Lubriserv

Midland Aerospace take off with Lubriserv

Added to MTDCNC by Lubriserv Limited on 17 November 2015

As an aerospace subcontract manufacturer, Midland Aerospace is at the high end of the industry supporting OEMs such as Airbus, GKN and BAE Systems with complex 5-axis machined parts in short lead times.

With six 5-axis DMG machine tools plus an additional three DMG machines that include VMC’s and multi-axis turning centres as well as a machine shop well stocked with Haas machine tools, the new facility at Midland is well positioned to meet the fast turnaround times of the industry. As Midland Aerospace’s Mr Eamon Lyons comments: 'We have optimised our processes from cutting tools and machine tools through to our cutting fluids, for this we have worked closely with Lubriserv. We have been using their products for a number of years, but since we have moved to our new facility, we have changed the way our machine tools are supplied. We had a bespoke system put in with all new pipe work with a filler system as opposed to carrying around buckets of coolant, like we did at our old factory.'

'The running costs of the new system are self financing as we get much better performance out of our machine tools. Our cutting tool consumption and coolant usage has significantly reduced, so we are saving considerable sums each month.'

Discussing the technicalities of the new coolant supply, Lubriserv’s managing Director, Mr Richard Wells says: 'Firstly, we had to review the type of materials being machined at Midland Aerospace and then the type of water in the local area; whether it is hard or soft. From this, we supplied a very high performance coolant for machining aluminium alloys. We then put a bespoke mixer system in to mix the coolant and the benefits have been numerous. For example, there is no smoke when high speed machining, tool life has improved and machine tools are cleaner.'

The benefits have been so overwhelming that the nickel machining at Midland has witnessed a tool life improvement of 140%.

The new mixer system at Midland is a bespoke unit that has a 300litre head tank that is connected to the water supply and to a barrel of concentrated cutting fluid. The mixer tank then has a piped supply running to each machine, so all operators can top up machine tools whenever necessary. This eliminates the transportation of fluid around the machine shop, prevents any accidents and also ensures the correct concentration of fluid is supplied to each machine.

The mixing system from Lubriserv enables Midland Aerospace to set the concentration levels of the machines to suit particular scenarios, as water frequently evaporates from the machine tool. As part of its service to Midland, Lubriserv sends an engineer to the Northamptonshire company each month to check the PH levels of the water and the coolant concentration levels in each machine. From this, a report is provided with a simple traffic light system to highlight any tramp oil and the general condition within each machine.

'In addition to providing a clean work environment and improving tool life and productivity, the reporting, monitoring and supply of the correct fluid also prolongs the life of the machine tool. The cost benefits for Midland Aerospace, whether it be through reduced tooling consumption, improved productivity or reduced coolant use are all significant,' concludes Mr Wells.


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