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Trust Precision Oil free sliding heads give a clear advantage
Trust Precision Oil free sliding heads give a clear advantage

Trust Precision Oil free sliding heads give a clear advantage

Added to MTDCNC by Lubriserv Limited on 02 August 2013

Trust Precision Limited are a forward thinking dynamic precision engineering company based in Nottinghamshire who embrace the latest technologies to give them an advantage in the subcontract machining market. They continually look to reduce overall costs by using the best CNC multi axis machines, cutting tools, and coolants/lubricants.


Nick Street Managing Director of Trust Precision stated that 'Trust Precision have made a massive impact into the supply of complex high quality turned parts within the aerospace industry, considering we were only formed inlate 2010 we’ve quickly grown from nothing to three machines working across a full shift pattern.'


'We’d been having issue where tool life was concerned, keeping tooling sharp to minimise burrs with 304 and 316 stainless steel can be difficult, regularly changing inserts when cycle times are up to seventeen minutes long on our 15 axis CNC sliding head can be very time consuming so needed to be reduced. Following a visit by Richard from Lubriserv and on his recommendation we made the decision to try their product and hopefully reduce our machining issues'.


Managing Director of Lubriserv, Richard Wells recommended LUBRICUT XS9 -  a neat synthetic cutting fluid as it’s been proven time and time again on sliding head CNC machines. It has many benefits when compared to the competition. Richard stated that 'We regularly come up against the same issues with neat oils on sliding heads. Poor tool life and surface finish, fumes/smoking, fires, poor visibility, sticky brown residue on machine surfaces  and high dragout/consumption'.

LUBRICUT XS9 is a neat synthetic cutting fluid that is based on a fully synthetic ester and an ultimate generation EP additive that allows engineers to get 'best in class' machining on CNC sliding heads machines.

The fluid remains clear transparent in use and helps keep the machine and workpieces clean. It is completely mineral oil, chlorine and heavy metal free and provides the highest possible performance for the most difficult materials and operations.

It always amazes me how companies think they can save money by using a cheap poor quality cutting oil to save a few pence when in actual fact it significantly increases their manufacturing costs ! - To put this into perspective, would you buy a £30,000 car and fill it with cheap low performance mineral oil that potentially oxidises leaving sticky deposits and gives poor lubricity on the moving components ? so why spend £150,000 on a precision CNC and fill it with poor quality oil ? 

Obviously you wouldn't !  and at Lubriserv we ask our customers to give us an opportunity to show how LUBRICUT XS9 can increase tool life, lower consumption/waste, improve health and safety variables, improve the operators working environment and reduce their over all fluid spend


Richard continued to say that tool life at Trust Precision has more than doubled against the previous supplier and fluid consumption has reduced by up to 60% !. Trust precision also opted for our fully synthetic 68 slideway and 100 barfeed fluids as well meaning that no mineral oil is used during the machining process what so ever. The advantages of this are obvious, performance is not diluted and is always at the highest level.


Mr Street continued 'We have a reputation for competitive one hit machining so it is so important that we keep our spindles running as much as possible and with the help of Richard Wells and Lubriserv we have managed to run 'lights out' on jobs where couldn’t for long before. This makes Trust Precision extra efficient and more competitive'. 


'At Trust Precision we specialise in some of the more difficult stainless materials that historically cause poor tool life and hence lower run times due to tools requiring changing, but since the introduction of LUBRICUT XS9 we are able to achieve longer runs, lower energy consumption, better tool life and the highest surface finishes !'


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