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Saty Goes Batty for Lubriserv

Saty Goes Batty for Lubriserv

Added to MTDCNC by Lubriserv Limited on 27 February 2017

Saun Precision manufactures precision components for the aerospace, medical and sub-sea sectors using its range of fixed and sliding head turning centres. Running a series of Star SJ32 sliding head turning centres enables the Southall based company to run lights out machining and be more competitive.

One thing the company realised with sliding head machines was the swarf being disposed was full of cutting oil. To eradicate this issue, the company opted for a swarf spinning system from Lubriserv. Discussing this, Mr Saty Bhogal, Managing Director of Saun Precision Engineering Ltd says: "We were wasting a lot of oil and this started to show on our books, so we aimed at addressing the issue. We reviewed the market and opted for the spinner system from Lubriserv. Quite simply, we drop buckets of swarf in to the spinner and it uses centrifugal forces to separate the oil from the chips. The subsequent oil is reclaimed via a bucket at the bottom of the machine."

"Its actually amazing to see just how much oil is separated from the chips.  The Lubriserv spinner services our three Star sliding head machines and the oil we recover is making a huge saving for our business. We were typically using a 200 litre drum every two months, which identifies the waste. With the spinner we're only half way through a barrel of oil after 6 months, so this demonstrates the saving."


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