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Swarf system saves thousands of litres of cutting oil per week..
Swarf system saves thousands of litres of cutting oil per week..

Swarf system saves thousands of litres of cutting oil per week..

Added to MTDCNC by Lubriserv Limited on 11 May 2013

After months of research and testing suitable solutions for reclaiming their neat cutting oil back from their swarf. Federal Mogul UK awarded Lubriserv the project for a bespoke swarf centrifuge capable of processing drilling swarf. The demands of the system were to reduce the moisture/oil content down to <2% by weight and to reclaim and filter the neat cutting oil. The project was never going to be straight forward as swarf from the drilling operation was much smaller than general metalcutting swarf.

The system provided had a vibrating screen removing bar ends and solids using a specially designed wear resistant basket coupled with a self cleaning rotary drum filter. The swarf bins are tipped into the large hopper where a conveyor carries them up to the bar end separator and into the centrifuge spinner. The oil is removed by the high centrifugal force and the dry chips are then deposited. The removed oil/sludge is then processed by a dredge conveyor and self cleaning drum filter with any remaining sludge conveyed back into the hopper and the clean filtered oil into a clean tank where it is pumped out to either IBCs or into the existing neat oil system ready for machining operations again.

The results have been spectacular, saving thousands of litres of oil per week and the swarf moisture/oil content is less than 1% !

The complete system is mounted on a skid base to allow easy future relocation if required.

Machining operations have costly by-products: metal chips and cutting oil. But there are ways to reduce the cost and even turn the waste into money. Lubriserv swarf systems raise the value of the waste swarf, lower the cost of the handling and reclaim the expensive cutting fluids saving costly disposal charges and purchase of new oil !.


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