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Added to MTDCNC by Houghton PLC on 29 July 2016

Houghton International has been a market leader in cutting fluids for decades, this is because the company continually formulates and evolves its products to meet the ever changing needs of industry. With high quality, water-based coolants formulated to help manufacturers improve productivity and lower your production costs, Houghton has the winning formula for all your coolant needs.

 The extensive Houghton line-up includes semi-synthetic micro emulsions, through to innovative boron and formaldehyde free, ultra long life macro-emulsions. All these products are developed to deliver features and benefits that meet the performance needs of your specific plant and production processes.

The company's water-based coolants have been formulated by scientists around the world. Each product has been developed to meet the need for high product performance and long service life, while helping to meet the increasing demands for safety and environmental compliance.

As the benchmark in supplying coolants and cutting fluids, Houghton is pleased to introduce a new range of products that include the HOCUT 795 Series of ultra long life emulsion fluids. As the global market leader in boron-free technology, Hocut 795 provides outstanding sump-life with enhanced machining performance. In addition, the extended HOCUT Series of Ester-based emulsions are also available. These 100% mineral oil-free emulsions have been designed for users wanting to convert to renewable base oils or to take advantage of higher performance ester chemistry. And the HOCUT line doesn't end there. The world leader in industrial fluid management also has the HOCUT Bio Series in its armoury. This exciting line of Boron and amine-free emulsions are mineral oil-based emulsions that are completely free from boron, amines and bactericides. This makes the Bio Series better suited for applications that may have a particularly high level of operator contact.

 Alongside the HOCUT is the Adrana Series of micro emulsions. This range provides versatile mineral oil-based semi-synthetic, micro-fine emulsion for light to medium duty machining. This impressive range of products is compatible with most materials over a wide range of water quality levels.

For high lubricity demands the Sitala Series of macro emulsions has been formulated as a mineral oil-based milky emulsion for medium to heavy duty machining. This range of products is also completely compatible with most materials over a wide range of water quality. From a synthetic fluid perspective, Houghton has developed its exceptional Metalina Series. The new synthetic mineral oil-free solution for grinding and machining provides excellent corrosion protection, tramp oil rejection and machine cleanliness. Furthermore, the machining grades contain polymer lubricants for heavy duty applications.

To meet the requirements of today’s marketplace the range has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of systems, materials, water quality and parameters. The Houghton water soluble range has been created to deliver a raft of benefits. These include a very low foam potential in modern high-pressure systems that can be offered as part of a lubricity package to extend tool life, improve component quality and reduce cycle times. In addition, the fluids have been designed with long life technology for less machine downtime and improved productivity with the added bonus of a high detergency level for cleanliness of machines and parts. And of course, the Houghton water soluble range meets the latest EHS chemical regulation including REACh and the Biocide Directives.

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