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Tour of Autodesk Birmingham

The MTD crew recently took a tour around the Autodesk Birmingham facility with Steve Creron, the Renewal Leader (UK) for Autodesk. Here’s what Steve had to tell us...

“It’s now been three years since Delcam was acquired by Autodesk in February 2014. The company was re-branded to Autodesk products in August 2016 and since then we’ve undertaken a £1.8m refurbishment of the building and much more.”

The company now has a technical support team that is one of the largest in the industry. The engineers based at the Birmingham facility have over 100 years of Delcam, and now Autodesk experience so they can support customers and the variety of products that they use. “We mentioned the £1.8m refurbishment in the fabric of the building, but we’ve also made a major investment in the systems we use to support our customers. We now have one standard system that we use around the world to support Delcam and now Autodesk customers. This allows us to share information and provide support around the clock if required.”

In the company’s advanced manufacturing facility, DMG and Hermle machining centres are continually running to provide training, support and service for Autodesk customers. Steve told MTD that the investment and growth is a continually ongoing process. We look forward to going back soon to see the company’s ambitious plans come to fruition....

Building Location