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MTD reviews the Scharmann Ecospeed machining centre at AMRC

When you realise that a four-tonne aluminium billet can be transformed into a 120 kgs complex structural part in less than 20 hours on a Scharmann Ecospeed machining centre – with the machine running at a maximum cutting volume of up to 10,000 cm3/min – then the capabilities of the Ecospeed at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing takes on great significance.


Coupled with acceleration of 1g and a 120 kW, 30,000 revs/min spindle, the Ecospeed boasts an unmatched metal removal rate in aircraft grade aluminium. At AMRC it will also be used for research into cutting carbon fibre materials.


As the impressive video reveals, the Ecospeed at AMRC machine also features the highly innovative and dynamic Sprint Z3 head. 


Instead of traditional rotary drives, the head utilises three parallel linear drives that are mounted radially equi-spaced in the headstock – the spindle platform is connected to each drive via rigid levers with pivots at each end and a ball joint at the other. 


When all three axes move simultaneously, the spindle is moved in a straight line in Z; synchronised motion of the three Z axes allows the spindle to follow any path within a spherical cone of +/- 45deg at a maximum of 80deg/sec. If the three axes move differentially, the spindle platform will be tilted in the A/B kinematic. 


The AMRC’s Ecospeed is also configured with a flexible workholding system for different size/shape components.

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