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EMAG VL3 Duo - VTL with automation

Now available in the UK from EMAG is the impressive VL3 DUO twin-spindle vertical turning centre. Already being noted as a very popular machine from the EMAG brand, the recently launched VL3 DUO is modular machine tool with precision, rigidity and performance at its core.

Discussing this, Bjorn Svatek, Marketing Director of Modular Solutions at EMAG says: “This machine was introduced at the recent AMB show at Stuttgart and it is already very successful as it is a very rigid, accurate, flexible machine that only requires limited space requirements. With regards to the rigidity, the 10 tonne machine is built upon a polymer concrete base that absorbs vibration. The robust unit only turns parts up to 150mm diameter, so the weight is considerable for a machine of its capacity.”

“We offer the machine with a high torque spindle interface that has 32kW of power. The EMAG philosophy doesn’t matter with regard to modular or standard machines, all machines follow the water cooled Direct Drive Spindle concept. The advantage here is accuracy, concentricity and the run-up to full speed and stop. The machine is available with two control units, the powerful FANUC 32i or the Siemens 840D and the movement is based upon linear guide ways and roller bearings for smooth precision movement.”

The roller bearings permit the loading of higher forces whilst a direct measuring system in all axes is applied for the ultimate in robust precision turning. The principle of the EMAG pick up spindle is a huge benefit to end users. The pick-up system is not only used for loading and unloading parts but also for the twin-spindle machine has an X and Z travel of 505 by 250mm with an optional Y axis of +/-30mm. This accommodates a maximum workpiece diameter of 150mm with a workpiece length of 110mm. The main spindle offers a maximum 5200rpm whilst the two tooling turrets each have 12 stations.

From an automation perspective, customers can employ the EMAG TrackMotion automation system. This automation system consists of three central components, the track, the TransLift NC gripper that moves along the track, and the storage unit for raw parts. The entire system is very compact and runs directly behind the work areas of the VL 3 DUO multi spindle machine. With the TrackMotion system, the individual workpiece is always the main focus. During each transport operation, only one workpiece is moved, which provides essential advantages for parts management.

The increased mobility of the TransLift, including a Z-axis, makes it possible to use stacker pallets on the parts storage unit, allowing the stacking of raw and finished parts in a very small space. The TransLift unit also functions as the turnover station between the two machining operations. The TrackMotion automation system offers everything required for compact manufacturing on the VL 3 DUO turning machine, a spacious parts storage unit for up to 400 parts as well as quick and flexible parts transportation system between the separate machining stations.

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