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Published by EMAG UK Ltd 14 July 2017

Now available to the UK is the EMAG VT2-4 and the VT4-4 series of vertical turning centre for turning shafts. Available in two sizes, the VT2-4 is suitable for machining parts up to 100mm diameter with a workpiece length of 400mm whereas the VT4-4 has been designed for turning parts up to 200mm diameter with a workpiece length of 630mm.

Talking about the build quality and how to stop deflection on such large parts, Bjorn Svatek, Marketing Director of Modular Solutions at EMAG says: “The twin-turret machine is available with a steady rest to stabilise parts and the 12 station tool turrets are also offered with live tools and optional C and Y-axis capability. With two turrets, we can offer simultaneous machining to reduce processing times and increase efficiency. Additionally, the two turrets are used for part loading and unloading. So, one turret will load the spindle with a part and upon complete machining, the secondary spindle will remove the part and place it in an un-loading position or automation system. This changeover process takes only six seconds, depending on the workpiece.”

The turning specialists at EMAG have been focusing on optimising performance for decades and the development team has created a tailor-made, highly innovative manufacturing solution for the production of shaft-type components with this new machine. The 4-axis shaft turning VT 4-4 machine opens up new opportunities with its simultaneous machining that is carried out in 4 axes at a maximum speed of 4,500 rpm.

Regarding the build quality of the machine, the EMAG VT2-4 and VT4-4 follow the company philosophy of being built upon polymer concrete base for maximum rigidity and vibration dampening. The machine also incorporates linear guide ways, roller bearings, a direct measuring system and water cooled spindles for complete thermal stability. The automation system guarantees easy material flow with parts entering the machine one side and exiting at another. The company has also introduced its EMAG Trackmotion automation system that can be specified with this machine series.

The Trackmotion system enables customers in production environments to link the automation between a number of turning centres. The unique aspect of the system is the ability to integrate sub-stations for specialised applications such as gear hobbing.

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