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HK 3D Solutions present the Markforged 3d printer range

HK3D Forges the Future With New 3D Printers
The Markforged range of 3D printers is now available from HK3D Solutions. Recently presented at a technology day, the new line up is a paradigm shift for the 3D printing industry.
Ross Varney, Applications Engineer at HK Technologies says: “The interest in the new technologies is from a wide range of industry sectors, which shows how much the technology has moved along. The Markforged range is an FEM based plastic printing technology that enables customers to lay continuous layers of fibre reinforced parts such as carbon fibre, Kevlar, fibre glass and this essentially enables you to create incredible strong and reliable parts using FEM processes.

The machines available from the recent event are the Mark 2, which is a top level machine that will run all the fibre reinforced materials as well as nylon materials. Also on show were a series of lower level of machine that is limited in the material types, yet still offer exceptional productivity levels. Another machine is the Mark X, a machine with a larger volume and laser micrometer for precision measuring of parts.

Also on show was the Metal X, which will be launched in September. This new machine eliminates the powder metallurgy as the powder is encased in a polymer, making it clean enough to be run in an office environment. “For a standard metal printing machine with a cube area of 100mm by 100mm, you would be looking at something in the £200k region. Add in the infrastructure and consumables and it’s an expensive process. The new Metal X machine is available as a kit for £105k all-in.” The machines also have their own Markforged software with excellent functionality. For more details please contact Hk3D Solutions.

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