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Kuka Robotics Showcase Their Training Facility.

Henk Leerink, Robot Sales Specialist, tells us about the Kuka Robotics solution and their training facility.

Showcasing their KR16 Robot at the Training Facility in Wednesbury, this affords standardised training for all customers to enable them to utilise all the benefits of their new automation system.

The KR16 Robot boasts;

- 16kg Payload
- 1.6m Reach
- 6 Axis

But it also comes with a full software interface that makes it easy for the engineer to use.

As part of this package there are numerous software solutions for different applications including;

- Welding
- Lasers
- Palletising
To name but a few of the many options.

The KR16 is just part of a large range of Robots that Kuka supply; customers are provided with a complete solution to meet their requirements.

This is why Kuka Robotics are a ‘An Automation Powerhouse’.

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