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LMT Tools - Shrink Fit Machine


LMT Tools (UK) are pleased to offer the LMT Shrink Fit Machine.
There are many things that set the LMT machine from the compitition.
When you watch the video you will notice that once the tool has been shrunk into the tool holder, the holder then disappears into the base of the machine. Infact the holder is actually taken to a water cell were the tool and holder is cooled down to a safe working temperature.
This video shows the LMT collet shrink system and they do offer the traditional shrink fit holders as well.
Using TER means profiting from the three main advantages of collet shrinking,
  • Run-out 3 microns
  • Rigidity
  • Maximum holding forces
  • Low-wear monoblock properties
All the above without the need of replacing exisiting collet chuck or spindles.
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