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LMT XChange tap


The specialised threading division of LMT Tools has developed what is believed to be the first modular threading tap that combines the extended tool life advantages of coated carbide with the torsional stiffness available through a high speed steel (HSS) shank. As a result, users can achieve higher productivity through the greater potential from a quick-change tool method and the increased cutting speeds from carbide, with lower risk of tool breakage and maintain a more cost-effective overall tool price.
Designated XChange and available through LMT Tools (UK) of Meriden, the trade name describes the concept behind the tool that incorporates a coated carbide threaded head with straight flutes, initially ranged between M8 x 1.25p and M12 x 1.75p, which will self-centre via a precision ground serrated coupling that also provides the drive from the HSS shank.
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