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Mapal's triple cutting edged Tritan-Drill with replaceable head system

Replaceable head systems in the machining industry are the first choice when it comes to meeting the demands of rising raw material prices, resource efficiency and streamlining of stocks. Reason enough to further develop the triple cutting edged Tritan-Drill with which MAPAL has defined a new standard in drilling as a replaceable head variant, and to bring the first standard triple cutting edged replaceable head drill to the market.

On the TTD-Tritan-Drill, tool head and tool holder are joined by a Hirth serrations. This connection is particularly stable so that all the benefits and the performance level of the solid carbide equivalent are fully retained with the replaceable head variant. It can be used reliably and stably even in difficult drilling situations, such as with inclined bore entrance or in cross bores. The tool is perfectly centred via its pronounced drill tip and ensures very good connection – and that at lower costs, because with the new replaceable head system, the use of costly carbide is limited to the tool head. Lower costs are thus guaranteed even with large diameters.

The stability of the connection derives among other things from the triple cutting possibility that is predestined for a replaceable head system. The three cutting edges ensure a homogeneous load on the connection so that the forces occurring during machining are transmitted uniformly to the steel tool holder. In addition the connection guarantees optimum torque transmission with at the same time high changing and radial run-out accuracy.

The Tritan-Drill as replaceable head variant TTD will be presented at the AMB 2016 in Stuttgart and will be available as a universal variant for the machining of steel in the diameter range from 12 to 32 mm.

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