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Mitsubishi EA8S review from HK Technology

The new EA8S EDM machine from Mitsubishi is now available in the UK from HK Technologies.
The ‘S’ signifies standard, but by no means is this a standard machine tool. HK Technologies EDM specialist, Mr Scott Elsmere tells us more. “Mitsubishi has embedded in this latest machine what is and should be the standard requirements for any mould maker, die maker or general subcontract shop. We have included everything necessary into the machine as standard. Whereas the more premium machines have thermal displacement control, programmable nozzles for special PCD or carbide work – but after that, there is little further differentiation.”

“The CNC control unit is very easy to use with simple parameters like start and end point, tool selection, material types and cutting forms. In many instances, customers will have 5 or 6 parts set-up on the machine, so we can clone the particular part and edit the program accordingly. We also have electrode measurement and workpiece measurement that can be programmed directly into the part program.”

The EA8S comes with a standard 10 position tool changer with a 20 position optional. The larger 12S machine is on site at HK Technologies for potential customers to review or obtain demonstrations. For further details, please contact HK Technologies.

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