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Okuma Multus U3000 2SW multi-tasking turn-mill centre

Part of Okuma’s ‘Hi-Tech’ Multus 5 axis Turn-Mill range, this machine can accommodate components up to Ø650mm X 1,500mm long and is capable of fully interpolative, 5-axis (X,Y,Z,B,C) machining, a lower turret can also be supplied, having 12 live tool stations 

A key feature of the machine is its best in class Y-Axis travel fully utilized within a highly rigid traveling column. The flexibility and rigidity of the machine make it capable of Gear machining including Bevel Gears and Splines as well as Gear Hobbing and Power Skiving.

The unrivalled Okuma OSP control features Okuma’s Intelligent Technology Package which includes Thermo Friendly concept for highly stable machining accuracy, Machining Navi for optimal cutting conditions to suppress chatter, 5 axis Auto Tuning System for enabling extreme accuracy by gauging and compensation and Collision Avoidance System for collision free machining.

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