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Small Part Machining from Sandvik with Turner Tools


Turner Tools Ltd are one of only 14 Official Technical Partners of Sandvik Coromant in the UK and Ireland and are happy to assist you with your companies sliding head requirements. Please get in touch for a free site visit.

The QS Tool Holding system helps save time and money by lowering setup and tool-change times and offers a total process improvement solution.

The QS Tool Holding system has helped our sliding-head customers save time and money by lowering setup and tool-change times. Now, with the introduction of HPC QS holders, we have a total process improvement solution that will also reduce part-run time and increase tool life—ultimately saving you money.

The QS HPC tool holders mount easily in Citizen, Star and Nexturn sliding-head machines, with no need for reconstruction. Customers need only install a high-precision stop and plumb the holder to the machine's coolant fitting.

With the QS HPC tool holders, our customers will see improvements in chip breaking and tool life, especially in the machining of titanium, low-carbon steel, cobalt chrome, stainless steels, HRSAs. This benefit makes the tool holders ideal for the medical and aerospace industries.

The high-precision attributes of the coolant nozzles also offer advantages. The sighted coolant nozzles are placed and aimed in the ideal position to provide significant performance improvements, at standard coolant pressures as low as 145 psi.

Let's review some of the features of the QS HPC tool holder. As seen on this slide, nozzles direct coolant to the primary and secondary cutting edges of the insert for the most optimal chip-breaking performance. The design and coolant inlet allow for easy installation. These features result in problem-free machining and improved component quality in applications involving the most demanding, long-chipping materials.

There are several QS tools available with high-precision, high-pressure coolant, and a total of 46 tool holders for CoroTurn 107, CoroCut XS and CoroCut 3.

We tested the QS HPC tool holders against an unnamed main competitor. Using CoroCut 3 inserts and high-precision, high-pressure coolant, we were able to double the feed and run 500 additional parts compared to the competitor's tool holder. With results like this, customers can reduce part run time, setup time and tool-change time for a total process improvement.

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