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Swarf crusher for Stainless, Inconel, Nickel based alloys from Lubriserv

This is an impressive video from Lubriserv who specialise in swarf management and engineering cutting fluids. Swarf Crusher SCR49

Technical details:

On operation, the sound level is about 81-82 dB(A).
Hydraulic drive, 37 kW
Voltage 415 V, 3 ph, 50 hz
Capacity per hour: 4 tons for stainless steel/Inconel
Hopper in steel
Upper hopper in Hardox of 2.5 m3
Height 3200 mm
Speed of the turning arm: 27 turns/min

The control panel includes a reversing automatic gear.
If the crusher blocks, it reverses the mouvement for a short period of time so that solids, if presents, can pass through the cutting tools.
The crusher starts again automatically. The automatic operation with reverse gear is repeated several times if the block remains.
The relay of thermal overload is disengaged when the block is removed

Get in touch if you get long stringy swarf for a demonstration..


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