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Swarf and Chips 23rd June - TEBIS discuss advanced CADCAM strategy

On this week’s show, we have software specialists TEBIS with a ‘takeover’ special. Our bubbly Lindsey speaks with UK Area Sales Manager, Mr Gerry Cook to get a greater insight into the company’s 2D machining through to 5-axis full simultaneous CAD/CAM packages. 

Gerry will explain on this week’s show how the toolpaths differ from its competitors. Alluding to this, Gerry tells Lyndsey & Mark that the software takes the machine tool and tooling into consideration upfront, so the toolpath is created to the limits of the machine tool. 

Paul follows this by speaking with Phil Smith, an application engineer at TEBIS UK. Paul takes the approach of “I’m an engineer looking at CAM software, why picky TEBIS?” Watch this show to find out what Phil has to say....

This is followed up by Sales & Marketing Manager Jill Brennan who tells us what events and exhibitions the TEBIS team will be at in the near future such as EMO, Interplas and Advanced Engineering in November. Before these events the company will be hosting an Open House at its headquarters in Germany this summer. For more details, listen to what Jill has to say....

Lyndsey and the team are back for another action packed week of Swarf and Chips where TEBIS CADCAM are in the hot seat to discuss what makes their CAM solution so unique in this mature market.

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