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Blum helps Drill OEM Automate Cell

To be a world leader in a specified sector when you have a history that dates back to 1911, is something that is rarely found. However, Padley & Venables has found its niche as the leading UK manufacturer of construction tools that are sold worldwide.

Discussing the company's most recent search for leading technology, Padley & Venables Quality Manager, Mr Steve Foster says: "We were getting to a point where we had to re-new some of our older lathes and we thought we'd take the opportunity to speed up the process by using automation. By doing this we have increased productivity by over 40%; and we can also run the cell unmanned at periods between shift changeovers."

The equipment that has delivered the 40% increase in production output is the robot for loading and unloading and two Doosan Puma 3100M turning centres that were installed as a complete cell; with the Blum Novotest Digilog metrology system completing the process. The new production cell at Padley & Venables is solely committed to manufacturing numerous families of steel drilling rods and connecting rods for the rock drilling industry on a 24/7 basis. Whilst the robot has eliminated the need for an operator to load and unload and the Doosan machines have improved productivity, the company would have still required an operator at the cell to check the finished parts.



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