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Interform tell MTD why they use TEBIS software

As a manufacturer of plastic injection mouldings, Interform Manufacturing Ltd has recently purchased a seat of TEBIS CAD/CAM software. The High Wycombe Company is heavily involved in vacuum forming, sheet fabrication, prototyping, machining, design and much more.

Working in the natural lighting and ventilation sectors, aerospace, automotive and even the garden equipment industries, the software from TEBIS has been a revelation for Interform Manufacturing Ltd.

Discussing the impact of the TEBIS software on the business, Tim Spalton, Managing Director of Interform Manufacturing Ltd says: “The software allows us to produce our parts more efficiently and to a more accurate tolerance. Before we were teaching the parts by hand on to the machines and this meant we couldn’t hold the tolerance of the drawings.”

Whilst the quality has been improved with the TEBIS package, the lead times have also benefitted, as Mr Spalton continues: “The lead times on prototype parts has improved, as has the accuracy. If we were hand-teaching a part typically a basic part could take up to half a day, now we can program it in 30 minutes. As our first foray into CAD/CAM, we have found the system very easy to use. As first time users, it was a daunting prospect but we’re surprised at how quickly we have picked it up.”

As a first time user of CAM software, Interform CNC programmer, Mr Yussef Kelly says: “Before TEBIS I didn’t have
any experience of CAM software. It’s made my life 100% easier compared to doing the job manually. I used to be at the machine manually saving the reference points. The last 6 months we have been far more productive, we have made all our own jigs and fixtures and we can collision check the program, the machine, the fixture and the part. The surface finishes on the trimming cycles are also much better. All in all we are really happy with the TEBIS product.”

Discussing the technical points, TEBIS Technical Engineer, Phil Smith says: “Our 5-axis trimming solution is a bespoke package for moulders, trimmers, laser cutting and routers. Our system gives 5-axis routers the ability to collision check, so when you program the job, you program with a virtual spindle, toolholder, collet and head. Even before the job is put on the machine, customers can see the potential collisions. Nobody else can offer what we do for these types of components and manufacturing processes and that is why Interform has bought TEBIS.”

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