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JJ Hardy use Houghton lubricants on all their machines

JJ Hardy & Sons is a subcontract manufacturer heavily involved in the heavy duty turning and milling of stainless and cast iron components for the automotive, rail and oil & gas industries. So, getting fluid management right is a critical factor for Hartlepool based JJ Hardy.

Discussing the application of technology, Andrew Pail, the Managing Director at JJ Hardy says: “We continually invest in the latest technology and the best machines that we can possibly afford. This includes cutting fluids from Houghton International. They supply the right cutting oils at the right price for the materials and machining parameters we specify. Since we have been using Houghton fluids, we have witnessed a considerable increase in tool life and machining performance. These improvements have also been confirmed by our cutting tool supplier.”

With a machine shop fully stocked with high-end DMG machining and turning centres, the investment at JJ Hardy has noted the arrival of the latest DMG DMC635 EcoLine machining centre and this has been supplemented by the Houghton Adrana D208 cutting fluid. “This is a great product. One day we could be machining cast iron, the next it will be stainless or Inconel. The Houghton Adrana is ideal for all these materials. Furthermore, the expertise of Houghton has been instrumental in supporting our compliance with conforming to regulations as well as looking after the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff on the shop floor. We’ve now been using Houghton products for over 12 months and we are delighted with the performance. We won’t be changing any time soon!”

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